Nanotechnology ultrasonic combined with efficient instant decontamination gloves

No matter how careful you are, there will always be a little stain on our clothes. Either the stain is too small to open a washing machine, or the time is too tight to clean up quickly, which brings us trouble

designer Stefan Bogdan has designed an instant decontamination glove, which can solve stains for users. The gloves are made of chloroprene rubber. The stains are removed from the fabric by nanotechnology and ultrasound. The sponge on the inside of the gloves can stick the stains away

instant decontamination gloves can change the working mode through gestures. The AMOLED screen on the back can display different working states. Simple use can effectively remove a small range of stains, which has a good effect

this innovative glove can replace the sponge after wearing, and the matching wireless charging pad can charge and synchronize the user’s data. This decontamination glove was also shortlisted in the 2014 Electrolux design experiment competition

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