Nantong Bao Jian: chairman Cheng Yuming attended the first meeting of the 7th China Textile Association

On October 23, 2017, Cheng Yuming, chairman of Nantong Baojian special occupational Clothing Co., Ltd., attended the seventh member congress and the first meeting of the Seventh Council of safety and health protection articles Committee of China Textile Business Association

as the representative of the seventh council vice president unit of safety and health protective articles Committee of China Textile Business Association, the general assembly has many feelings: as a protective clothing manufacturer, Bao Jian has a certain voice in the industry, and as a member of the protective articles industry, Bao Jian hopes to do more. 1n the future development, Bao Jian will bear in mind the mission of the enterprise, carry forward the hard-working spirit of the labor insurance workers, and make contributions to the development of the industry

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