Nantong Bao Jian: chairman Cheng Yuming expresses his love to the home for the aged

There is a kind of fate that we never know each other; There is a kind of love, but it is beyond the family. Even though spring has begun, the weather is still cold, but the love and sympathy that Bao Jian sent to the nursing home in Nantong warms everyone’s heart. On Februar5, 2018, Cheng Yuming, chairman of Nantong Baojian special professional Clothing Co., Ltd., personally drove to the second branch of Haimen port new district nursing home to carry out a love consolation activity. He visited the widowed elderly there and brought milk and other holiday consolation products to the elderly, making the elderly deeply feel “filial piety” from the society

under the leadership of chairman Cheng Yuming, Nantong Baojian special professional Clothing Co., Ltd. will come to the homes for the aged every year for Mid Autumn Festival, Double Ninth Festival, Spring Festival and other festivals to send love to the elderly and bring the warmth of the socialist family. Respecting, loving, respecting and providing for the aged are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and the common responsibility of the whole society. We need to practice them seriously

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