Nantong Bao Jian: chairman Cheng Yuming won the title of “star of integrity” of the fourth Jiangsu Province

in order to vigorously promote the institutionalization of honesty and credit construction, better play a typical exemplary role, and create a strong atmosphere of honesty and trustworthiness in the whole society, the Publicity Department of Jiangsu provincial Party committee, the provincial civilization office, the provincial economic and 1nformation Commission, the provincial credit office, the Provincial Bureau of industry and commerce, the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, the provincial Consumers Association, the The four provincial private associations jointly organized and launched the fourth “star of integrity” and “ten pacesetters of integrity” selection activities in Jiangsu Province. Through the procedures of voluntary declaration, level by level recommendation, material review, credit verification and comprehensive evaluation, the Organizing Committee of the activity proposed the list of “stars of integrity” in Jiangsu Province (100 people) and the list of “ten pacesetters of integrity” candidates (18 people)

Cheng Yuming, chairman of Nantong Baojian special professional Clothing Co., Ltd., won the honorary title of the fourth “star of integrity” of Jiangsu Province

established in 2005, Nantong Baojian special professional Clothing Co., Ltd. has developed into a clothing production enterprise with fabric, design, production and sales as one-stop service after more than ten years of hard work. The company mainly produces acid-base chemical protective clothing, anti-static clothing, flame retardant clothing and other products

for more than ten years, Bao Jian has won the praise of the industry with its rigorous and professional service attitude, honest and trustworthy service concept and excellent product quality. “Bao Jian” brand has won the famous trademark of Jiangsu Province and “top 50 enterprises in China’s labor protection industry” for five consecutive years

MA Xiaoping, general manager of Zhongmu Nanjing Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

MA Yamei (female), chairman of Nantong moral Logistics Distribution Co., Ltd.

chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of wangwangwangchun Jiangsu Dongqiang Co., Ltd.

Wang Yunfeng, chairman and general manager of Wuxi Yongji Property Co., Ltd Secretary of the Party branch

Wang Shifeng, chairman of Jiangsu Jinshi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Wang Zhongxiang, general manager of Yangzhong Hongguang metal products Co., Ltd.

Wang junben, chairman of Jiangsu manjack Co., Ltd.

Wang Chunhua, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Changshu switch manufacturing Co., Ltd General manager

Ji Fuqiang, general manager of Kunshan Dayang circuit board Co., Ltd.

Feng Jianjun, chairman of Nantong Chaoda Equipment Co., Ltd.

Lu Zhiguang, general manager of Xuzhou red sun Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Ye Weichun, chairman of Jiangsu xinjiyang 1nvestment Group Co., Ltd.

director of jujingzhou (female) Nanjing Xingang Automobile Maintenance Service Co., Ltd President of Bian Peidong Huai’an Huaihe Water Conservancy Construction Engineering Co., Ltd General manager

Zhong Ji and chairman of Jiangsu Haixun 1ndustrial Group Co., Ltd.

Ren Xiaoyi, chairman of Nanjing Maipu Landscape Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Liu Qin (female), chairman of Lianyungang hehe Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd.

Liu Taixin, chairman of Lianyungang Xingyu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Liu Pengkai Chairman of the board of directors General manager

Liu Zhenbo, general manager of Suzhou Dongwu Catering Management Co., Ltd.

Ji Qinghua, general manager of Taizhou haiguang Machinery Manufacturing 1ndustry Co., Ltd.

SUN Hongliu, chairman of Jiangsu wuxiangju Food Co., Ltd.

Zhuang Longxing, chairman of Jiangsu Longcheng Precision Forging Co., Ltd.

Cheng Yuming, chairman of Nantong Baojian special professional Clothing Co., Ltd.
< Zhu Qiang, chairman of Jiangsu Dianshang home furnishing Co., Ltd. ZHU Yiming, chairman of Wuxi Doushan white tea garden tea culture Co., Ltd. Xing Xiaobin, general manager of Gaochun education sofa factory Wu Jieshen, general manager of Wuxi Dianshang home furnishing Co., Ltd. Wu Changgui, general manager of Jiangsu bochishan Garden Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Wu Hongan, Yangzhou sanbang Bioengineering Co., Ltd Ltd. Wu Jianxin, chairman of Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co., Ltd. Wu Qiuping (female), deputy secretary of the Party committee, deputy general manager and Secretary of the Discipline 1nspection Commission of Changzhou Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Ltd. (partial list)

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