Nantong Bao Jian: the necessity of anti static protective clothing in GB 112014-2009

According to statistics, from 1960 to 1973, there were 166 oil loading accidents caused by static electricity in the United States; There are about 100 electrostatic fires in Japan every year, and about 20% of them are caused by human electrification. 1n August 2014, Kunshan Zhongrong metal dust explosion and April 29, 2016, Shenzhen jingyixing aluminum dust explosion and other safety accidents caused by static electricity. To this end, the State Administration of work safety has issued “five regulations on strictly preventing dust explosion in enterprises” and “notice on” 4.29 “dust explosion accident of jingyixing hardware processing plant in Shenzhen, Guangdong” and other regulations, providing legal basis for equipping anti-static protective clothing in dust occasions

as we all know, as the last line of defense in safety production, functional protective clothing undertakes more than 90% of the trunk protection function of human body, and its effectiveness and durability stability are very important. Therefore, whether the manufacturer of protective clothing fabric has professional research and development ability directly affects the product performance, and also determines whether the protective clothing can really play a role of safety protection in the actual wearing process. For this reason, Zhejiang lantianhai Textile Clothing Technology Co., Ltd. and China industrial anti-static textile R & D center collate and compile the relevant laws, regulations and standards of anti-static protective clothing (gb12014-2009) for industrial workers working in flammable and explosive places such as solid or liquid. 1n order to effectively avoid static electricity generated by friction between human skin and clothes, clothes and clothes, which may cause safety hazards to industrial workers

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