Nantong Bao Jian: what kind of fabric does hardware machinery factory use to make work clothes?

There are many kinds of fabrics for work clothes, each of which has its own characteristics. When we choose tooling fabrics, we must first make clear the requirements of the industry. Today, 1’d like to tell you what kind of fabrics hardware machinery factory should choose to make tooling clothes? Hardware machinery factory working environment is no air conditioning, oil, iron chips, labor intensity, the basic requirements are wear-resistant fabric, dirt, wrinkle, sweat absorption, in full consideration of these characteristics, balanced with only polyester and cotton fabric

polyester / cotton fabric is a blended fabric with polyester added to the fabric. All cotton fabric has good skin affinity, sweat absorption and ventilation, but it is easy to wrinkle. 1f you use all cotton fabric and wear it on employees, it will wrinkle and affect the corporate image. Polyester fabric has high strength and elastic recovery ability, and it is durable, wrinkle resistant and non ironing. Therefore, adding polyester to cotton and combining the two, the work clothes made of this kind of fabric have the characteristics of stable size, small shrinkage, tall and straight, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash and fast dry. Work clothes are generally customized in batches, this kind of fabric has the characteristics of small shrinkage, so don’t worry about the problem of clothing size, as long as you ask the staff to accurately count the number of yards and place an order for work clothes. Of course, there is no way to perfect anything, polyester and cotton fabric is the same, its disadvantage is relatively weak comfort, sweat absorption is relatively weak. Some customers have higher requirements for comfort. Under the balance of comfort and durability, they need to use polyester cotton with higher cotton content. According to the content of cotton, there are 65 * 35 and 60 * 40 polyester and cotton, depending on your specific requirements. Compared with the two, of course, 60 * 40 has better softness and sweat absorption

however, polyester / cotton fabrics are suitable for industries with high work intensity, such as transportation companies, construction, automobile repair plants, etc

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