Nantong Baojian: anti static clothing tailored for you

With the development of the times, people pay more attention to the clothing. The trend of work clothes is becoming popular in enterprises. Not only the design is novel in style, but also the color matching can pursue the fashion route. 1n a narrow sense, it refers to a part of people who go to work or engage in official activities in the place where they work within a specified time. 1n a broad sense, it refers to a part of the consumer group who is not clearly divided. The “people” here are a group in the jumpsuit. A part, a class, its work characteristics: personal and group style, physiological and psychological needs, political and economic status, cultural literacy, etc., as for the design requirements specific and different. Time and place are the major and minor factors of occupation. Time is different from spring, summer, autumn and winter, day and night, while place is regional environment and specific working environment

in addition to the disadvantage of easy wrinkling, all cotton work clothes have many attractive advantages, among which the biggest one is good sweat absorption. We know that the reason why all cotton fabrics have good moisture absorption is that the moisture content of all cotton fiber reaches 8-10%. Therefore, when the surrounding humidity and temperature change, we can quickly absorb the moisture, so that our wearing experience is very good, and the whole person will not feel muggy. 1n addition, it also has a good thermal insulation, in fact, we are very clear about the thermal insulation, because the original purpose of clothing is to keep out the cold, and the cotton fiber is a bad conductor, so it has the effect of anti-static, so there are many anti-static work clothes made of cotton fiber

the hand feel of cotton work clothes is completely different from that of non pure cotton. 1n fact, as long as you grasp it with your hand, you can find out whether it is cotton work clothes; Cotton work clothes can be more and more tightly grasped in the hand, and can be infinitely close to the skin. The natural temperature of pure cotton is always lower than that of the skin. Even in the hot summer, the cotton overalls are still lower than the body temperature when they are held in the hands, so they feel very comfortable; On the contrary, if not cotton overalls, is unable to grasp into the palm of the hand, the chemical fiber is floating, simply can not hold, the higher the chemical fiber content, the stronger the buoyancy. No matter how much force is used, the fabric in hand can’t be grasped completely. 1n addition, the temperature of cotton overalls is consistent with the ambient temperature. 1t’s cold when it’s cold, and it’s hot when it’s hot. 1t is generally believed that wearing cotton overalls can prevent the accumulation of static electricity in the human body, so it is safe. 1n fact, this view is one-sided, only when the air relative humidity is higher than 50%; When the relative humidity is relatively low, the electrification of pure cotton products increases significantly. The results show that when the relative humidity is lower than 30%, the electric capacity of cotton fabric is equal to that of polyester; When the relative humidity is lower than 20%, the electric capacity of cotton fabric is even higher than that of some chemical fiber fabrics. Therefore, in dry climate areas, we can not expect to use pure cotton products to eliminate the electrostatic hazards of clothing under any circumstances. Based on the above reasons, in order to effectively prevent the harm of human body electrostatic discharge, the operator must wear anti-static work clothes

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