Nantong Baojian: color application of professional clothing customization

First of all to understand some basic knowledge of color. The basic knowledge of color is that the color world is colorful. The expression of color is inseparable from the deployment of red, yellow and green. These three colors cannot be blended by other colors, so they are called “primary colors”

next, color and fashion design, people’s response to color is strong, but not all of them have the same feelings about color. For example, all the dynasties in our country advocated yellow, which was the symbol of heaven and earth, and gave yellow dignified, noble and sacred Association. 1n Christian countries, however, yellow is considered as the color of traitor Judas’ clothing and a symbol of despicability. Therefore, clothing color design should be targeted positioning design. Fashion color and fashion design, the field of clothing has always been advocating fashion consciousness, the application of fashion color in clothing is people’s pursuit of color fashion, highlighting the aesthetic characteristics of modern life. The form of color combination is directly related to the shaping of the overall style of clothing

color plays an important role in the customization of professional wear, which is endowed with a distinct sense of the times and fashion. Color experts with their sharp insight, from the consumer market to sum up the new color, refining, and through the notice to spread, popular, forming a popular color. 1n modern fashion design, the application of fashion color is more extensive, and the combination of fashion style and fashion color is increasingly close. Therefore, fashion designers should carefully analyze and study the law of fashion color cycle, grasp the fashion opportunity, and timely launch new fashion clothes that meet people’s aesthetic requirements, so as to expand market sales. Perfect integration into the industry of professional clothing customization

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