Nantong Baojian: flame retardant grade and standard test

1n this paper, we will share some knowledge about flame retardant grade and flame retardant Standard Test for your reference

American flame retardant material standard is ANS1 / ul-94-1985 standard: there are five kinds of UL94 test: Level B horizontal combustion test; 94V-0, 94v-1, 94v-2 vertical combustion test; 94 5-V vertical combustion test; Flame spread index test with radiant plate (according to astme 162 standard, not described here); The vertical combustion test of 94vtm-0, 94vtm-1 and 94vtm-2 is described as follows:

1.94hb horizontal combustion test method: small strip samples with 127mm in length, 12.7mm in width, 12.7mm in maximum thickness and 3.05mm in minimum thickness are used in this test. 1t is carried out in a test chamber without ventilation. When the thickness of the sample is 12.7mm, the burning speed on the 76.2mm gauge is not more than 38.1mm/min, or when the thickness of the sample is less than 3.05mm, the burning speed is not more than 38.1mm/min, or before reaching the 102mm mark, the burning must be stopped

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