Nantong Baojian: the common fabric type of flame retardant work clothes

Flame retardant fabrics are widely used in decorative cloth in public places, such as flame retardant curtain, curtain, carpet and so on. There are also goods used in railway, ship and automobile transportation and tarpaulins and covers used in warehouses, ports and wharves; Roof of building; Of course, there are also very important clothing fabrics. The application fields of flame retardant overalls include metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, forestry, fire protection, electric power, coal, construction and traffic light industries. With the standardized production of flame retardant work clothes, the need to ensure product quality and develop new products, the number and types of flame retardant standards for textiles will increase rapidly

Xinke special textile is a professional manufacturer mainly producing flame retardant fabrics for clothing, supplemented by other types. At present, the most commonly used work clothes in China are general cotton work clothes, anti-static clothes, flame retardant cotton or polyester cotton work clothes. Ordinary cotton work clothes are equivalent to daily clothes, which can not play the role of deflagration prevention and protection. The anti-static clothing can prevent the deflagration caused by electric spark, while the flame-retardant cotton or polyester overalls have a certain protective effect on the deflagration. The common flame retardant work clothes are made of cotton flame retardant fabric after finishing. The flame-retardant fabric finished by CP process is environmentally friendly, has strong washing resistance, and can be washed more than 50 times. The fabric finished by CP process has good air and moisture permeability, non-toxic and harmless, and comfortable to wear. The flame retardant performance meets the requirements of gb8965-98 / 2009 and European standards en iso1611 and en iso111612. The flame retardant fabric finished by CP process is the best choice for flame retardant protective clothing, especially in petroleum, chemical industry, gas station, metallurgical welding, mining, repair and other industries. 1t can also be made into jacket, trousers, one-piece suit, etc., which is suitable for four seasons. To choose high-quality flame-retardant cloth to produce flame-retardant work clothes, it is necessary to purchase them from professional manufacturers, not from small workshops and small manufacturers just for the sake of low price. The price difference of flame retardant fabric is big, the most important thing is that the requirements of production process are different, so different countries will have different testing standards and regulations to test the fabric. 1t is very important to purchase high quality flame retardant cloth and test data

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