Nantong Baojian: the source of fireproof wool felt

Polyester is widely used in clothing and industrial products. Flame retardant polyester has a wide range of applications because of its permanent flame retardancy. 1n addition to industrial textiles, interior decoration of buildings and interior decoration of vehicles, it plays an irreplaceable role in the field of protective clothing. According to the national standard of flame retardant protective clothing, metallurgical, forestry, chemical, petroleum, fire and other departments should use flame retardant protective clothing. The number of people who should use flame retardant protective clothing in China is more than one million, and the market potential of flame retardant protective clothing is huge. 1n addition to pure flame retardant polyester, we can produce flame retardant, waterproof, oil repellent, antistatic and other multifunctional products according to the special requirements of users. For example, waterproof and oil repellent finishing of flame retardant polyester fabric can improve the functionality of flame retardant clothing; Flame retardant polyester and conductive fiber are interwoven to produce antistatic flame retardant fabric; High performance flame retardant fabric can be produced by blending flame retardant fiber and high performance fiber; 1n order to improve the comfort of protective clothing and reduce the second burn, flame retardant fiber was blended with cotton, viscose and other fibers

to find a balance between fire prevention and environmental protection is an important node in the development of flame retardant products in the future. The importance of flame retardants in modern society can not be ignored, but with the introduction of a series of environmental protection policies in Europe, their development and application are limited to varying degrees. How to protect people and property from the threat of fire and at the same time minimize the potential harm of flame retardant to human body and environment is the focus of domestic flame retardant manufacturers, research institutions and downstream electronic and electrical, building materials, transportation and furniture industries

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