Nantong: Men’s sales of expired safety helmets are investigated and punished

Yesterday, the reporter learned from Zhongxiu branch of Chongchuan District market supervision and administration bureau that the branch investigated and dealt with a case of selling expired safety helmets. A man tampered with the production date by putting a new paper label on the safety helmet in an attempt to pass off the expired safety helmet as a new product. According to the behavior of the parties in the case, the law enforcement personnel made the corresponding administrative punishment

for the safety helmet, people generally only pay attention to whether the workers wear it, but few people care about its service life. As everyone knows, the safety helmet also has a shelf life. After expiration, the shell material is easy to age and crack, and the impact resistance, puncture resistance, lateral rigidity, electrical insulation and flame retardance will be greatly reduced, which can not play the protective role for workers. Every year, safety accidents caused by the aging failure of safety helmets occur from time to time

according to the national standard GB 2811-2007 for safety helmets, the identification of each safety helmet consists of permanent identification and product description. The permanent identification printed, sewn, riveted, molded or injection molded on the helmet shell must include: this standard number; Name of manufacturer; Production date (year, month); Product name, etc. each safety helmet shall be attached with a description material containing the following contents, which can be in the form of printed matter, atlas or wear-resistant self-adhesive tape, etc., and must include the scrapping identification conditions and shelf life of the safety helmet

therefore, Zhongxiu branch of Chongchuan District market supervision and Administration Bureau reminds consumers that they should pay attention to identify the service life and waste conditions of products when purchasing labor protection products such as safety helmets, especially pay attention to the date of production on the permanent label, and be careful not to buy expired products and bury potential safety hazards. 1n addition, the safety helmet users should also pay attention to the establishment of the safety helmet distribution account, including the production date, replacement date, etc., so that their health status can be verified, and timely replace new safety helmets for employees, so as to ensure that employees will not have accidents due to wearing expired safety helmets in the production process(Reporter Li Bo)

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