National image ambassadors of work safety jointly launched the initiative

on the morning of the 16th, Tang Guoqiang and other national image ambassadors of work safety jointly issued the proposal of “pay attention to work safety, start from me” to the society. The picture shows Tang Guoqiang reading out the proposal

the reporter recently learned from the office of the State Council work safety commission that as one of the important activities of the national work safety month in 2014, the State Administration of work safety for the first time employed five artists, including Tang Guoqiang and Liu Jin, as the image ambassadors of national work safety. On the morning of the 16th, Tang Guoqiang and other image ambassadors jointly issued an initiative to “pay attention to production safety, start with me”. The full text of the proposal is as follows:

work safety starts from me

– proposal for the image ambassador of national work safety

leaders and friends:

as the image Ambassador of national work safety, we feel great responsibility and glorious mission

we’ve seen traffic accidents and fires, and we’ve felt the pain of family members who died in production safety accidents on TV and 1nternet. After every accident, the young children lost their parents, the young men and women lost their lovers, and the old parents lost their children. Every one of our friends must be able to deeply understand that peace is a blessing, and nothing is better than a good life” Go to work happily and come back home peacefully “. This simple and simple wish is our party and government’s responsibility to the people, our enterprise’s responsibility to the employees, and each of US’s responsibility to our parents, lovers and ourselves. Risks are everywhere, and everyone is responsible for safe production. Here, we solemnly advocate: safety in production, begin from me:

we are eager, Party committees and governments at all levels always bear in mind the general secretary Xi Jinping’s idea that development must not sacrifice human life, always adhere to the idea of “people-oriented, life foremost and safe development”, take safety as the first demand of the masses, and regard safety production as the greatest livelihood. The best political achievements and the most important soft power, as the highest responsibility of Party committees and governments at all levels, really take security as the premise of development, and resolutely do not bring blood into GDP

we hope that every production and business unit will pursue the goal of “zero accident, zero casualty”, strengthen the awareness of “enterprises will eliminate accidents if they do not eliminate accidents”, truly regard safety as the first responsibility, first benefit, first brand and the most core competitiveness, consciously fulfill the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, and strictly implement safety production laws and regulations, 1nsist on unsafe production

we hope that every citizen will bear in mind the rights and obligations of safe production, enhance the awareness and ability of not harming himself, others and being harmed by others, regard compliance with safety laws and regulations as the most basic social morality and professional ethics, and regard it as the greatest responsibility of himself, others and his family, and start from small things without a cigarette end A speeding has become an irreparable regret for oneself and an irreparable pain for relatives

let’s start from ourselves, from now on, for family harmony and safety, for people’s happiness and well-being, for the security and development of the motherland, and for the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, work hand in hand and work together

proponents: Tang Guoqiang, Liu Jin, Lu Qi, Guo Kaimin, Mou Xuanfu

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