Nearly 20% of fire fighting equipment in Guangzhou market is unqualified

Recently, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce announced the spot check of fire-fighting equipment in Guangzhou market, and nearly 20% of the fire-fighting equipment was unqualified

the industrial and commercial department inspected 57 types of fire products sold in Guangzhou market, including portable fire extinguisher, wheeled fire extinguisher, sprinkler, fire hose, fire water gun, fire emergency lamps, etc. The results showed that 10 consumer products were unqualified, and the unqualified rate was 17.54%. Among the unqualified equipment, the filling quantity of one portable dry powder fire extinguisher produced by Guangzhou Yong’an Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. does not meet the standard requirements, and the filling quantity of one wheeled fire extinguisher does not meet the standard requirements. 1n addition, the Tianxing DC water gun operated by Anxin fire fighting equipment business department in Haizhu District of Guangzhou city is unqualified, and the Longtao lined fire hose of yueqisheng fire fighting equipment business company in Huangpu District of Guangzhou city is unqualified

according to the introduction of the industrial and commercial department, for the fire extinguisher, too much fire extinguishing agent is easy to cause the head of the fire extinguisher to block and reduce the fire extinguishing efficiency; However, if the filling amount of fire extinguishing agent is too small and the injection of fire extinguishing agent is insufficient, the effect of extinguishing initial fire may not be achieved

according to the Ministry of industry and commerce, the Bureau has dealt with the sellers of substandard goods according to the law, and urged the sellers to take off the shelves and delist the substandard goods. The sellers who refuse to perform the delisting will be investigated and dealt with according to the law

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