Nearly 40% of Sichuan clothing samples are unqualified, including formaldehyde, pH and other indicators

recently, Sichuan Provincial Bureau of quality supervision released the results of special spot check on clothing products produced in Sichuan Province in the second quarter of this year. The results showed that among the 50 batches of clothing, 19 batches of clothing products were unqualified due to fiber content, formaldehyde, pH and other indicators, and the unqualified rate was 38%

according to the circular, 50 batches of clothing products produced by 39 manufacturing enterprises in our province were randomly inspected, and 31 batches passed the inspection, with a pass rate of 62%. 19 batches of clothing products from 15 manufacturing enterprises failed to pass the quality inspection

according to the introduction of relevant experts from Sichuan Fiber 1nspection Bureau, formaldehyde is an important auxiliary in the finishing process of textile products

formaldehyde is a kind of transparent, irritant and toxic organic compound with special odor. Long time exposure to the air with high formaldehyde concentration may also induce serious diseases

when consumers wear clothes with excessive formaldehyde content, skin allergy, redness, swelling, itching and other symptoms will occur in mild cases, and cough in severe cases, which will lead to tracheitis and other diseases

how to avoid wearing clothes with formaldehyde exceeding the standard, experts suggest that consumers can smell whether there is a pungent smell similar to that in a furniture mall after buying clothes. At the same time, formaldehyde is soluble in water. After you buy new clothes, you can rinse them with clean water and then dry them for more than 3 days. Don’t put them on immediately

Author: Yu Xing

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