nearly 50% of haze prevention masks meet the standard, and filtration efficiency is not the only selection standard

The reporter learned from the China textile business association respiratory protection public welfare activities that according to the recent statistics of testing institutions, the overall compliance rate of anti haze masks in the domestic market is close to 50%. At the same time, industry insiders said that filtration efficiency is not the only parameter to pay attention to when purchasing< According to Lu Bing, director of Jiangsu special safety protection product quality supervision and inspection center, the qualification rate of anti haze masks has increased significantly since 2014" When the standard is not issued, 80% of the products are non-standard products. After the implementation of the group standard PM2.5 protective masks in March 2016, the overall product quality of the mask industry has been improved. According to our long-term test, the proportion of masks that can block PM2.5 in the market is about 49%< According to Chen Haida, Secretary General of safety and health protection products committee of China Textile Business Association, the sales volume of civil masks in domestic market has reached about 200 million per year, and the growth momentum has not decreased, but the quality of anti haze masks not only depends on the filtration efficiency “filtration efficiency is a part of the reference, which can be found by scanning the QR code on the product through the mask efficiency value of PM2.5 group standard.” Chen Haida said, “the mask standard parameters for PM2.5 also include air leakage rate, inspiratory resistance, formaldehyde and pH biochemical indicators.”

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