Nearly half of the dust masks are unqualified

Since the beginning of this year, the urban air haze has become more and more serious, and all kinds of mask products have continued to sell well. Many businesses have publicized the efficacy of their products so that consumers can’t distinguish them. Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of consumer protection conducted a comparative test on mask products on the market. The results showed that among the 17 samples, the performance of some samples did not conform to the publicity

filtration efficiency is a key indicator of the basic performance of the mask, that is, the percentage of particulate matter that can be filtered by the mask under the specified detection conditions. According to the test, the filtration efficiency of 7 samples is more than 90%, and the filtration effect is good, but there are also 8 samples less than 50%. Among them, the filtration efficiency of a children’s mask with a nominal price o2.6 yuan is only 6.5%, and the filtration effect is poor

leakage rate is another standard to judge the quality of mask products. 1n this test, 2 samples were too small to carry out the project test. Among the other 15 samples, 5 samples had a total leakage rate of less than 10% and good protection performance, and 6 samples had a total leakage rate of more than 50%

product identification can reflect the basic information of the product, help users understand the various information of the product, and avoid wrong selection and use. 1n this test, 11 samples were found to have missing identification, of which two samples, named “Tianao” and “Maskin”, had no Chinese information on the package, so they belonged to “three noes” products

try to buy masks with packaging and “La” (labor protection) logo on the packaging or both “La” and “QS” logos. At the same time, pay attention to the product identification when purchasing, and check whether the product name, production date, factory name, address, shelf life, product instructions, etc. are clearly marked. 1n terms of product use, due to different face shapes, a mask of one design can not be suitable for everyone. Some people may wear close fitting, while others may not. Therefore, before using a certain type of mask for the first time, it is best to try it on according to the instructions. Even considering the use environment, product characteristics and other factors, the product may also reduce efficiency or even be ineffective because it is not suitable for users

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