necessary in autumn and winter: Nantong Baojian bj-901 aramid flame retardant clothing

1n winter, the weather is dry and things are dry, which is the season of fire. When it comes to fire prevention, Nantong Baojian bj-901 aramid flame retardant clothing provides you with more comfortable and safer labor protection

with the rapid development of industry, people are facing more and more threats in their work and life. Such as high temperature, combustion and other physical factors, in order to resist this threat, reduce unnecessary losses, people use a variety of protective equipment, flame retardant protective clothing is one of the important. 1t can effectively protect the operators from the physical factors in the environment

the correct choice and use of flame retardant protective clothing can effectively reduce the catastrophic clothing fire and save lives. Compared with the cost of rehabilitation treatment in hospital after burn, the cost of protective clothing is minimal and the most effective. 1f the operator is wearing the wrong clothes, the skin burn will be more serious in the place where the clothes are worn than in the exposed place

one of the advantages of the product: green environmental protection

1. The antistatic and flame retardant fiber used in this product is formaldehyde free

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