Necessary personal protective equipment for hidden danger of urban high buildings

The high-rise buildings in Liuzhou are constantly rising every year. The Diwang in the center of the city, even as high as 303 meters, is the highest in Guangxi. According to the statistics of the fire department, there are 5 super high-rise buildings built and 18 under construction in Liuzhou city; There are more than 880 high-rise buildings above 24 meters. The more high-rise buildings, the more security risks will follow. On June 14, a fire broke out on the 13th floor of a high-rise building in classic times, and fire rescue vehicles with arm lengths of 32 meters and 53 meters were used. What should be done when a high-rise building with more than 20 or 30 floors is on fire? 1n addition to fire, what are the hidden dangers of high-rise buildings? Recently, the reporter walked into the high-rise building in Liuzhou to discuss the solutions with you< According to the relevant person in charge of the fire prevention department of Liuzhou fire brigade, high-rise buildings "grow" too fast, far faster than the update of fire lifting equipment. At present, most of Liuzhou fire brigade's lift truck is 32 meters, the highest is only 53 meters, and the climbing ability is equivalent to about 17 floors. 1f a higher high-rise building is on fire, the rescue equipment can only be "watchtower sighing". Therefore, it is very important for the citizens to master certain self-help knowledge when high-rise buildings are on fire high rise fire “insurance” can not be less jinshajiao project in Liuzhou city is a high-rise residential and commercial complex with 25, 27 and 31 floors respectively. Under the leadership of Ma Kangwu, the supervisor of the order Department of the project property Liuzhou xinchenghai Property Co., Ltd., the reporter visited five buildings with 31 floors there is a fire display panel at the elevator entrance of the lobby on the first floor. The display panel is connected with the smoke sensing devices on each floor of the building. As long as the smoke sensing device feels the thick smoke, the display panel will show the specific location of the fire. At the same time, the light corresponding to the monitoring equipment in the fire control room will be on spray equipment and laser alarm bell are installed on the ceiling of each floor. When the temperature is 60-80 ℃, the sprinkler will start automatically. And the laser alarm bell, as long as the temperature is too high or feel water splashing, the alarm bell will alarm and emit red light if it is confirmed that there is a fire, the staff only need to press the fire alarm confirmation key in the fire control room, all the alarms in the building will sound, the fire broadcast in the corridor will also sound at the same time, and the large fan on the roof will start to operate to dilute the smoke concentration in the corridor in order to put out the fire at the first time, each floor is equipped with fire extinguisher, fire hydrant and water hose. 1n order to ensure the high-rise water pressure, the fire hydrant is also equipped with a booster pump according to Ma Kangwu, in order not to let go of every safety corner, they will install a circular electronic Patrol point on the top of each building, underground parking lot and randomly selected floor. When the security guard patrols every day, he needs to hold a device similar to a flashlight. After the “flashlight” makes a “beep” to the patrol point, the patrol data will be stored in the “flashlight”. Every week, they export patrol data as a reference for assessing security work the reporter visited the South 1st and 6th districts of Shengli community in Liubei district and found that some people put sundries in the stairwell and other fire passages. Some residents even use the electric car to go upstairs and put it in the corridor” 1f there’s a fire, it’s hard to escape. ” Ms. Liu said anxiously the person in charge of the residential property said that a set of systematic scheme has been formed in the residential area. Once there is a fire, the fire alarm in the residential area will start automatically immediately. As for the hidden dangers caused by the residents’ stacking of debris, they have dissuaded and cleaned them up many times, but they have not achieved any results. We hope that you can handle it consciously and create a safer environment super high rise buildings have a special refuge layer according to China’s code for fire protection design of high rise buildings, buildings with a height of more than 100 meters should have a refuge layer. 1t is mainly used for evacuation and temporary stay in case of fire refuge, to make up for the lack of fire fighting capacity brought by super high-rise fire fighting equipment. There is no decoration on the refuge floor, which is mainly composed of cement walls. There are few combustibles on the floor itself, and it is difficult to transmit the fire around. Moreover, the huge ventilation system can maintain the indoor and outdoor air circulation. All these have a certain inhibitory effect on the fire. People who run out of the fire area can temporarily escape here take Liuzhou style harbor as an example, two 47 storey residential buildings with a height of 165m, of which 14 and 32 floors are set as refuge floors. The Diwang international wealth center, which is more than 300 meters high, can also see the vacant refuge layer from the appearance the relevant person in charge of the fire department said that the refuge floor should be equipped with fire elevator exit, automatic fire extinguisher, indoor fire hydrant, automatic sprinkler system and induction system to ensure the safe escape and self rescue of the building personnel in case of fire remind you can provide your own escape tools Ms. Huang, a citizen, said that she lives on the 27th floor of a 31 storey building and was worried about the fire downstairs and the blockage of the escape passage Mr. Wei, an engineer of the fire prevention department of Liuzhou fire brigade, said that in case of a fire in a high-rise community, self rescue is the most important thing. Usually we should be familiar with the corridor to facilitate timely escape. 1n addition, the home also has to prepare fire “three treasures”: towel, flashlight, descent device, and descent device is the “shortcut” to escape the descent device, which is composed of hook (or ring), sling, rope and speed control, is a kind of safety rescue device that can make people slowly descend along (with) the rope (belt). When a fire breaks out and the door is sealed, it can be installed in the windows, balconies or flat roofs of buildings, and it can smoothly land on the ground, which is equivalent to opening an escape channel towels and flashlights are cheap, and they are common items for families. Where to buy the escape descent device and what’s the price the reporter found on the online shopping platform that the cheapest retarder is tens of yuan, while the most expensive one is more than 1000 yuan. Wei said that this can also be purchased in Liuzhou’s fire equipment stores, and residents can choose to buy it according to their own needs and economic conditions if people think the price is too expensive, they can also buy a fire safety rope. Due to the knotting trouble of the rope, it is recommended to buy a buckle for easy use earthquake prevention don’t demolish walls in decoration although Liuzhou is not the main seismic zone, the probability of large earthquake is low. However, in the past two years, there have been several small earthquakes in Changtang Town, Liubei District, and many residents of high-rise residential buildings are worried about earthquake prevention for the residents’ concerns, the reporter visited a number of high-rise residential properties, and the properties all said that the high-rise residential buildings have been designed for earthquake resistance and have certain seismic performance, while there are few emergency plans for earthquake resistance, mainly for self-help according to Mr. Li, a building expert, the earthquake resistance of high-rise buildings has a certain relationship with the decoration of the owners, and people often ignore some earthquake resistance problems in the decoration, such as breaking the load-bearing wall. 1n general, if the residents of the first floor demolish the bearing wall in a large area, the seismic performance of the building will be weakened and the load stress will be abnormal. When a large earthquake occurs, the overall collapse of the building is more likely. 1n addition, the bearing wall is drilled at will, which also damages the seismic performance of the house every time there is a small earthquake in Liubei, Mr. Zhang, who lives on the 25th floor of Shengli District 6, feels shaking. Although it is so “shake” and “shake”, what should the public do in case of a relatively large earthquake and such a high building according to the fire department, if it happens, the seismic performance of the ground floor building is relatively high. Residents feel shaking, do not take the elevator, it is best to run to the open area downstairs immediately the glass, billboard and other debris of high buildings may be shaken down, which may bring danger to escape. Citizens can prepare a safety helmet at home, or protect their heads with bags and pillows to prevent head injuries during escape falling objects beware of “aerial bomb” falling objects in high-rise buildings can also cause danger. How to prevent falling objects in high-rise buildings has become a test of the safety of high-rise buildings in the early morning of March 31, this year, after a gust of wind, ten glass windows and window frames of more than 10 households in Hongqiao Xincheng community, Hongqiao Road were blown off by the wind. 1n addition, air-conditioning hanging is also a big safety hazard for high-rise buildings. Many residents like to put the air-conditioning hanging out of the window through the bracket, and the bracket is made of metal. 1t is easy to rust and age under the wind and sun all the year round. Once the wind is slightly strong, it may be blown down according to the reporter, air-conditioning spaces are specially set up in high-rise buildings in jinshajiao. Residents can put the air-conditioning on the special air-conditioning spaces, which can ensure safety and not affect the appearance. 1n addition, the property also developed detailed installation standards for the balcony and bay windows of the residents nevertheless, some residents hang up their air-conditioners outside the air-conditioning spaces without any protective devices around them. For the installation of non-standard, Ma Kangwu said that they have issued a rectification notice to residents, ordering them to rectify within a time limit our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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