Nepal Footwear Manufacturers Association asks government to reduce tax on imported footwear

according to the leather products and footwear manufacturing association of Nepal, if the government reduces the tax rate on imported raw materials, the footwear industry of Nepal will prosper. At present, manufacturers have to pay a 35% tariff to import raw materials from different countries< "We import about 33 kinds of raw materials from other countries, and the tax on raw materials is much higher than that on imported finished shoes," said Hom Nath Upadhyay, President of Nepal leather products and footwear manufacturing association. This makes domestic shoes more expensive than imported ones. " Upadhyay added: “we have asked the government to classify the materials imported for the production of leather products and to reduce the tariff to 5% to 7%. 1f the government is willing to do so, the industry will be able to flourish. “

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