Netizens call on fire hydrant to eliminate hidden danger

After the 12.11 fire in Rongjian agricultural wholesale market in Guangming New District, more and more Shenzhen citizens began to care about the fire hydrants around them. Whether the fire hydrant is in good condition and whether it can water out in time in case of fire has become the focus of public attention. Recently, the netizen “1 come to the 1nternet” published a post in the forum of Shenzhen news network called “wonderful fire hydrants on the street, which makes people speechless. Save them before putting out the fire”, calling on the netizens in Shenzhen to take action and expose all the hidden fire hydrants around them in the form of taking photos

in the post of “1 come to the 1nternet”, the reporter saw that these “exotic flowers” fire hydrants on the street were either sealed with cement; Or “lurking” in the green play “hide and seek”; Or a “disguise” that people can’t recognize. For example, the fire hydrant on Shahe West Road in Nanshan District was directly buried under the ground, and the water outlet was completely sealed with cement, covered with a thick layer of ash, so there was no water at all. There is also a fire hydrant near the subway entrance and exit of Shekou line, which is covered by several potted plants. 1f you don’t look carefully, you can’t see that it’s a fire hydrant

according to the netizen, originally these fire hydrants were used in emergencies, but now most of them have become furnishings” 1f they need to be used in an emergency, it will take time to find out where they are; This kind of fire hydrant is hard to use even if you want to open it for a while. The netizen said: “for the rescue of fire hydrants, there is no time to delay. Before putting out the fire, we should first save them as soon as possible, and don’t let them become furnishings, otherwise life-saving will become life-threatening.”. The reporter saw that the netizens of the forum all expressed their support and affirmation for the activity of rescuing the hidden danger fire safety hydrant initiated by the netizen “1 come to the 1nternet”

on the 17th, the reporter contacted the relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Water Group on the situation reflected by netizens. The person in charge told reporters that the water group will send people to check the situation reflected by netizens. 1f the situation is true, the fire hydrant with problems will be repaired as soon as possible

according to the person in charge, at present, Shenzhen Water Group manages more than 10000 municipal fire hydrants in the whole city, but not all the fire hydrants in the whole city are under its management. Under normal circumstances, the water group will regularly organize the inspection of municipal fire hydrants. 1n order to ensure sufficient water volume and stable water pressure of fire hydrants, the inspection frequency of municipal fire hydrants and water test discharge shall not be less than three times a year

the person in charge said that the public can call the 24-hour service hotline “82137777” of Shenzhen water group to report after finding that the fire hydrant has been damaged, occupied, and the hydrant valve can not be opened or closed due to corrosion. After the public report is accepted, the water group will send people to the scene for emergency repair and maintenance. 1n addition, the person in charge of the water group also said that if people encounter other water problems in their lives, they can also call the hotline “82137777” to solve them

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