Never regard safety facilities and equipment as furnishings

it was reported on June 3 that at about 8 a.m. on Jun2, the comprehensive wholesale market in Pengjiang district, Jianghui Road, Jiangmen City, was suspected to have caused a fire due to a short circuit of electric wires. The fire was basically put out at 15:30. The fire lasted for more than seven hours, covering an area of 1600 square meters. Jiangmen City public security fire brigade dispatched 14 fire engines and 87 officers and soldiers to the scene to fight. Fortunately, no casualties were caused by the fire. The author feels that the accident happened on the second day of the month of safety production, which makes people wake up and think deeply

shopping malls and markets, especially the comprehensive wholesale market, are densely populated and rich in materials, which have always been the focus of fire safety supervision. Both the construction audit and the allocation of safety facilities and equipment are strictly controlled and unambiguous. According to the market Hongsheng stationery shop owner Mr. Liang told reporters, “the market fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and other fire-fighting facilities are available, but also once a month to check.” However, what is puzzling is that the accident happened

except for human factors, most of these fire accidents occur at night or after closing or before opening. Because they are found late and can not be controlled timely and effectively, most of them are “burning company” or “burning all”, which not only causes heavy losses, but also causes heavy casualties

although “the comprehensive wholesale market in Pengjiang district, Jianghui Road, Jiangmen is suspected to have caused a fire due to a short circuit”, there are still some doubts and hidden dangers. First, has the market management personnel on duty organized a safety inspection? How often? How to arrange the patrol routes and whether they have achieved “full coverage”? Second, since the “fire fighting facilities are all available”, why did the fire control room not receive the alarm? 1s there anyone on duty in the fire control room? 1f it is equipped with automatic sprinkler system, why does it not operate after a fire

it seems that the accident happened accidentally, but it exposed the loopholes of daily management. Even if there are all kinds of safety facilities, we should not take them lightly, let alone treat them as furnishings. 1t is necessary to find out the cause of the accident, investigate the responsibility of the accident, draw lessons from the accident, and earnestly realize that “one factory has an accident, ten thousand factories are educated, one place has hidden dangers, and the whole country is warned.”. The accident has once again sounded the alarm: the fire is as fierce as a tiger, so be careful

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