New 1D card added to Anhui construction project

Construction projects in Anhui Province will have “1D card”, and all information can be monitored through 1nternet, which can control the red line of project quality in time. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development that the construction supervision and credit management platform of Anhui Province was officially opened, and the data of 12000 construction enterprises and more than 4000 projects have been put into the database first. Relying on this platform, the safety of construction projects can be guaranteed more efficiently

in May, the temperature gradually rises, the production of construction enterprises enters the peak season, the new projects are particularly concentrated, and then the safety production accidents also enter the prone and frequent season. Now, Anhui engineering construction supervision and credit management platform has been opened, and the “Qianliyan” credit system will be installed in all construction projects. 1n the future, all construction links from construction drawing review to project completion acceptance can be traced and monitored. The platform establishes effective “1D card” for large and small projects, and gradually realizes the “four in one” linkage of project, enterprise, personnel and credit information

according to the Department of housing and urban rural development of Anhui Province, any major potential safety hazard found by the inspection of the new system will be rectified immediately within a time limit, and those that should be stopped and rectified will never be let go, while those that should be banned will not be soft handed

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