new air PM2.5 filter paper and filter mask come out

The research team led by Zhu Yingjie, a researcher of Shanghai 1nstitute of silicate, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has successfully developed a new type of hydroxyapatite ultra long nanowire based filter paper which can efficiently remove PM2.5 fine particles in the air and a filter mask using it as a filter element. The related research results have been published in the international famous academic journal “Journal of materials chemistry a” of the Royal chemical society, and a patent has been applied for

in recent years, haze weather frequently occurs, and the serious air pollution problem has attracted people’s attention. PM2.5 in the air is a serious threat to people’s health. PM2.5 fine particles refer to the particles whose aerodynamic diameter is equal to or less tha2.5 microns. The higher the content of PM2.5 fine particles in the air, the more serious the air pollution. The most commonly used air filter product in daily life is the filter mask. Ordinary gauze, non-woven fabric and other filter materials are commonly used in the filter mask. The fiber is thicker and the pores between the fibers are larger. 1t has a good filtering effect on large particles above PM10, but it is difficult to effectively remove PM2.5 fine particles in the air. At present, many filter masks on the market have low filtration efficiency for PM2.5 fine particles, and some filter masks have poor air permeability. Therefore, it is urgent to develop filter materials and masks with high filtration efficiency and good air permeability to meet the needs of people’s daily life and work< According to Zhu Yingjie, the new filter paper has good biocompatibility, environment-friendly, non-toxic and harmless, high flexibility, nano porous structure and strong surface adsorption capacity. 1t can effectively intercept, adsorb and filter PM2.5 fine particles in the air with high filtration efficiency. 1n order to significantly improve the air permeability of the new filter paper, the team used ultra long hydroxyapatite nanowires and plant fibers to form a multi-stage composite pore structure, which made the new filter paper have high filtration efficiency and good air permeability; The filtration efficiency of the new filter paper for PM2.5 and PM10 particles is higher than 95%, and the filtration efficiency is better than that of a variety of commercial masks “more importantly, the filtration efficiency of the new filter paper for PM2.5 fine particles is higher than 95% in different degrees of air pollution environment, such as moderate, severe and severe pollution. 1t can be used as a core filter material embedded in daily filter masks to achieve effective personal protection in various haze days.” Zhu Yingjie said that the new filter paper can be used repeatedly and for a long time it is reported that the team has also developed a new type of hydroxyapatite ultra long nanowire based filter paper with antibacterial function, which has high antibacterial activity against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria, and is expected to be applied to high-efficiency antibacterial filter masks. At the same time, the new filter paper is expected to be used as a high-efficiency filter material in air purifiers, air conditioners and other products

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