New air scrubber developed by American elderly

Tian Yu, a Chinese American old man in New York, invented a set of air scrubber, which has been patented by the State 1ntellectual Property Office of China. Tian Yu’s invention features that people can use water and some seasonings in the family kitchen as media to remove harmful substances from the haze

81 year old Tian Yu is living in an apartment for the elderly on the beach of Los Angeles. She receives social security money every month and enjoys a comfortable life in her later years. Tian Yu’s working conditions are poor, and he doesn’t have any decent tools on hand. 1n order to test his invention, he bought a sealed water cup and some plastic hoses in an Asian supermarket, and also used the plastic tube he bought for washing powder

“the Chinese word haze may have been used for thousands of years. At first, haze refers to the phenomenon that the dust blown by strong wind makes the air dark.” Tian Yu said that today’s haze, in addition to reducing visibility, also contains a lot of toxins, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and sulfur dioxide” Masks alone can’t solve the problem of resisting these toxins. “

for this reason, Tian Yu invented the air scrubber, whose basic working principle is to wash the dust and toxin in the haze through the medium water in the container before the haze air enters the human body” People can add salt, baking soda, vinegar or alcohol to the medium water according to the types of toxins contained in the haze to achieve the purpose of washing or neutralizing the toxins. “

Tian Yu’s air scrubber is divided into two parts. One part can be carried on the body, and its appearance is like a gas mask, but it is much easier to use than the military gas mask, and will not make the user feel tired of breathing. 1n addition, Tian Yu’s invention costs much less than a military gas mask

the second part of Tianyu air scrubber is indoor air purifier. 1ts working principle is similar to that of the first part. The power of washing air comes from a micro motor. The production cost of Tian Yu’s whole set of invention project is about 150 yuan

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