New digital muff earplug improves noise reduction rate

“digital silencing earplug”, which is not familiar to everyone, was launched by Jingong recently. Most people think that earplugs don’t need to be divided into digital and analog, but “digital silencing earplug mm1000” is actually a headset type device with the function of noise (ambient sound) elimination. Driven by No.7 battery, it is said that it can reduce the ambient sound by about 90%, but it can hear people’s greetings, station broadcast and other necessary sounds

it looks like a headset, which is light, compact and easy to carry.

the appearance of mm1000 is the same as the earphone used for listening to music. The color is white and the length of the cord is 85CM. One end of the flexible cable is connected to the host with battery and noise reduction circuit, and the side of the host is provided with a groove for retracting and releasing the flexible cable. The weight without battery is about 33g. Even if the battery is installed, it is very light, so it is easy to carry

there are only battery box and noise reduction switch on the host, so the appearance is very simple. 1t can work for about 100 hours with a 7 alkaline dry battery. One 7 eneloop Ni MH rechargeable battery can work continuously for about 60 hours

it can eliminate the noise in the subway car and the air conditioning noise, etc.

turn on the switch on the main engine, and the noise reduction function begins to play a role. At this time, the noise becomes very small. This function can produce the anti crosstalk wave which can counteract the ambient noise waveform internally to eliminate the noise, which is the same as the principle of ordinary noise reduction earphone. 1n short, it is in these products to remove the connection part of the music player

put on the earplug, turn on the host switch, turn on the noise reduction function, and reduce the ambient noise

the product can reduce the noise of subway, air conditioner, outdoor vehicle and wind. For example, in the outdoor, the sound of car engine and wind is very small and can’t be heard, while the rustle of wind blowing leaves is relatively easy to hear. 1n the subway, the effect is also very good. 1t reduces the noise such as the roar of vehicles. 1t feels very quiet and can concentrate on reading in the subway. The noise of the air conditioner can hardly be heard, and the effect of reducing the ambient sound is very good

when you are in the office, you can hear 70-80% of the voice of other people when you insert the earplug gently. This product is very suitable for those who want to wear earplugs to make the environment quiet, but also want to hear people’s voices, worry about not hearing the Subway Broadcast and other people’s greetings. There are many people in the office wearing headphones to listen to music in order to concentrate on their work. At this time, some people say hello and can’t respond, which will cause trouble to each other. And if you use digital earplugs, you don’t have to worry about that. However, the effect of the product is not very good for the situation that people don’t mind what others say and can’t concentrate on their work

in addition, when the noise reduction function is turned on, the earphone listening to music can sometimes hear the white noise. This product will also emit a small amount of white noise, but it is not very obvious and is not generally noticed

it is suitable for consumers who want to reduce noise but don’t need to play music

the author is very concerned about whether the noise reduction effect of this product is different from that of ordinary noise reduction headphones, because someone should want to use this product instead of earplugs

the author tries to compare several noise reduction earphones on hand. These products can also eliminate the ambient sound very well. Mm1000 noise elimination effect is similar to that of in ear noise reduction earphone with less than 10000 yen. The resolution of human voice varies from product to product. There are products like mm1000 that are easy to hear human voice, and there are products that have greatly reduced human voice

the advantage of mm1000 is that it can get the silence of noise reduction earphone of about 10000 yen at the price of 5000 yen. Another feature is longer endurance than noise reduction headphones. Noise reduction earphones also have about 5000 yen products. Mm1000 is more expensive than these noise reduction earphones, but the key for consumers to choose is whether they completely “don’t listen to music”

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