New fire water sources in Rongcheng to improve fire prevention capability

A few days ago, Rongcheng City issued a notice on strengthening the construction and management of urban and rural fire water sources, requiring the municipal water affairs group and other units not only to repair and replace the original 66 sets of damaged fire hydrants, but also to build 179 new fire water sources by the end of the year, so as to further improve the urban and rural fire prevention ability< According to statistics, 66 sets of fire hydrants need to be repaired and replaced in the whole city, including 24 in Yatou city and 42 in Shidao city. Before the end of this month, the municipal water group and other units can complete the maintenance. On this basis, 179 fire water sources need to be built, including 143 fire hydrants and 36 water intake platforms. The circular requires that towns and streets with good water supply network conditions should build fire hydrants, while towns and streets with poor water supply network conditions should build fire-fighting reservoirs and necessary water intake equipment such as pumps and water belts, and towns with natural water sources can build fire-fighting water intake platforms and special fire lanes nearby. Priority should be given to the construction of roads around hospitals, schools, large shopping malls, passenger stations and other densely populated places, and to the construction of fire hydrants in densely built and prosperous commercial sections. 1n the future, the fire hydrant should be designed, installed and accepted simultaneously with the municipal road and water supply network. The urban construction department shall plan and design fire hydrants simultaneously for the reconstruction of old villages and residential quarters, and the municipal water affairs group and relevant construction units shall install and support the fire hydrants. The urban construction and public security fire department shall be responsible for the acceptance. Those who fail to pass the acceptance or fail to pass the acceptance shall not be put on record for completion acceptance after upgrading the hardware of fire-fighting facilities and equipment, a long-term management and protection mechanism will be established. The municipal water affairs group is responsible for the daily maintenance and management of the fire hydrants in the urban area of Yatou city and the towns and streets included in the municipal water supply network, unifies the registration number and establishes the file, conducts a comprehensive inspection every six months, and timely repairs the problems found, so as to ensure that the fire hydrants are complete and easy to use. The management and maintenance of fire water sources in other districts and towns shall be in the charge of special personnel assigned by relevant districts and towns. When the maintenance and reconstruction of fire water supply network needs to stop water supply, the competent unit shall inform the fire department 24 hours in advance. After receiving the report or notice of fire hydrant damage, municipal water affairs group shall repair it within 48 hours the circular requires all districts, towns, streets and relevant departments to strengthen the publicity of fire laws and regulations, fire knowledge and fire cases, improve the whole society’s awareness of fire water sources, guide the masses to report the damage and lack of fire hydrants to relevant departments and units in a timely manner, and actively report illegal acts such as damage, burying, occupation and shielding of fire hydrants, Promote the smooth development of fire protection work copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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