New fireman helmet delge HPS 7000

1n close cooperation with customers around the world, delge has developed a new product hps7000 fire helmet. 1t uses the components necessary for the new ergonomic design and multi-functional system solution to provide protection for firefighters all the time

the Delphi HPS 7000 is not only lightweight (the basic version weighs only 1.4kg), but also the safest helmet of its kind. The outer shell is made of composite material. Together with pur inner shell, it provides reliable protection for firefighters from thermal shock and mechanical impact. The helmet can even withstand a large amount of radiant heat and flame swallowing test. The mirror made of polysulfone can protect eyes and face from high temperature, particles and chemical liquids. The optional integrated LED headlamp provides sufficient lighting for you in the working area


there are two models of HPS 7000, which are suitable for the head circumference range of 50 to 66 cm. The ergonomic helmet design distributes the weight evenly over the head, reducing the pressure on the neck muscles. The user can also easily adjust to ensure that the helmet can be safely worn on the head. The face mirror not only provides protection, but also avoids the limitation of vision. 1n addition, the helmet can also be integrated with independently adjustable goggles. Whether it’s face glasses or goggles, there’s plenty of room for your corrective glasses. We have also prepared an extensible Accessory Package for you to further meet your personal needs

innovative system components

helmet is a part of personal protective equipment for firefighters. Therefore, we have optimized the HPS 7000 for you to use with the Delphi FPS 7000. The hps7000’s individually adjustable mask adaptation system makes it possible to combine safe helmets with excellent wearing comfort

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