New model and “new precision” — building Shandong labor protection products industry brand

on December 21, 2019, Shandong Labor Protection Articles 1ndustry Association recommended brand enterprise press conference and double enterprise meeting were solemnly held in Jinan Xiyue Oriental Hotel. The conference was hosted by Shandong Labor Protection Products 1ndustry Association. Leaders from 26 Shandong brand enterprises, peer friends and representatives of major media attended the conference to witness the birth of Shandong labor protection brand

more than 70 industry guests were invited to this brand conference. At the conference, fan Xiaobin, deputy general manager of Shandong special inspection group, delivered a speech, which opened the prelude of this brand conference< 1n his speech, Li Zhongxiang, director of the safety sign Management Center for special labor protection articles, said: the original intention of establishing the special labor protection center is to enhance the competitiveness of production enterprises and check the users, while the ultimate goal is to serve the safety production, This brand conference also has the same vision. 1 believe that Shandong brands will be able to create high-quality national brands and contribute to the development of safety industry in the new era Gao Fei, Secretary General of safety and health protection articles Committee of China Textile Business Association, congratulated Shandong Province for taking the lead in launching the national brand building project. Gao said: Shandong is a big industrial province, and China Textile Association is willing to work hand in hand with Shandong labor protection association to make greater efforts for the progress of China’s safety and protection articles industry< Sun Bing, Secretary General of Shandong construction safety and Equipment Management Association, said that since its establishment in February, Shandong Labor Protection Articles 1ndustry Association has actively strengthened cooperation with Sinopec, construction, electric power and other related industry associations to lay a foundation for member enterprises to connect with the market, and recognized each other as a standing director unit, Hand in hand to carry out research and brand promotion activities on the spot of the meeting build the brand and achieve the value at the launching ceremony of the recommended brand of labor protection articles industry in Shandong Province, the leaders attending the meeting awarded the brand to the recommended brand enterprises Zhou Li, general manager of Shandong Sunbird, the representative of brand enterprises, made a speech representatives of safety belt enterprises presented the banner to the association at the meeting site strengthen cooperation and create a precedent president of Shandong Labor Protection Articles 1ndustry Association Zhang Feng, general manager of Shandong special equipment inspection Research 1nstitute Co., Ltd., signed a strategic cooperation agreement with relevant units and institutions< President Zhang Feng signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shandong Branch of China Pacific Property 1nsurance Co., Ltd. in order to practice socialist core values, abide by social morality, strengthen industry self-discipline, ensure fair competition in the industry, enhance the competitiveness of labor protection products enterprises in our province, and standardize the market order of the industry, Promote the development of labor protection products industry, provide services, give full play to both resources and industrial advantages, adopt the 1nternet plus insurance + security platform intelligent protection insurance program, and implement preventive measures, dealing with problems and compensation after work in order to solve the potential safety risks and achieve the purpose of disaster prevention and reduction. At the same time, it provides effective management means for the government to solve the problem of safety management pain point< President Zhang Feng signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shandong construction safety equipment management association president Zhang Feng signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shandong energy conservation and environmental protection association president Zhang Feng signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Linyi labor protection articles chamber of Commerce after docking and exchanges between the two sides, Focusing on the advantages of local industrial clusters, we should make efforts to carry out product recommendation and exhibition, jointly create a new technical service mode based on hand protection, protective clothing and other products, and give full play to the role of the two sessions with the purpose of meeting the needs of member units as the basis of cooperation. After friendly consultation, both sides agreed to establish a comprehensive and stable strategic cooperative partnership< General manager Zhang Feng signed a letter of intent with the people's Government of Jianglou town in order to actively respond to the overall layout of the transformation of new and old kinetic energy proposed by the provincial government, and in line with the strategic positioning of “serving society and economic development”, “supporting industry, serving industry and developing industry”, and realizing high-quality industrial coverage, After the communication between the two parties (Shandong special equipment inspection and Research 1nstitute Co., Ltd. and Jianglou Town People’s Government), it is proposed to establish Jianglou sub center of Shandong special equipment inspection and Research 1nstitute Co., Ltd. to boost the transformation and upgrading of local rope, net and belt industry, improve the existing production technology level, provide corresponding technical support, and jointly create a new glory of rope and net industry product display in this meeting, the purchasing enterprise said that the new mode of supply and demand meeting, with novel form and rich content, can better display the products of labor protection articles enterprises in the province and provide more choices for the purchasing party. A number of suppliers and demanders have reached cooperation intention and signed letter of intent when introducing the construction of the quality traceability system of the association, Shan rugang, Secretary General of Shandong labor protection articles Association, introduced the work progress of Shandong labor protection articles Association since its establishment, and briefly explained the use of labor protection articles in Shandong Province, 1n order to upgrade and standardize the protective products industry and promote the rise of Shandong brand, Shandong takes the lead in creating a product by product insurance mode of 1ndustry Association and labor protection products, so as to build a bridge of mutual trust between users and production enterprises, and establish the quality responsibility of brand enterprises through contract; At the same time, Shandong labor protection articles Association launched the quality traceability system, which is connected with the national labor safety supervision service platform through the association. The pilot work of construction site in Shandong Province will be realized in March 2020, and the whole process tracking management of production, sales and use will be realized through the product quality traceability system as a traditional industry, it is difficult to build a brand, but from the long-term development of the enterprise, we must form a brand in the hearts of customers, form a brand in the industry, let everyone recognize the enterprise brand and create core value. As an industry organization, Shandong Labor Protection Products Association actively guides its member enterprises to create products with brand thinking, set up industry benchmark, and sound the clarion call of Shandong protective products industry’s transformation from a big industry province to a strong brand province. We believe that with the rise of national brands, Shandong Labor Protection 1ndustry will play a more heroic and exciting song of progress news media such as Shandong Provincial TV station, China labor protection network and labor protection magazine conducted on-site interviews and reports on the conference.

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