New progress in functional fabric development of Jihua new 30 company

the anti infrared coating camouflage fabric of polyester filament, interwoven series printed fabric and multi-function camouflage canvas of Nylon Oxford spinning developed by Shaanxi Xianyang jihuaxin san0 printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. have recently passed the expert appraisal organized by Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology, and relevant experts believe that the above three new products have reached the domestic advanced level in technology

polyester filament anti-infrared coating camouflage fabric is a kind of carrying equipment fabric with high performance, which uses environmental protection dyes with anti-infrared performance and short process printing process to make the product have high sun fastness, high strength and high waterproof performance

the self-developed leveling agent and special printing and dyeing process are used in the interwoven series of printed fabrics to solve the leveling degree problem of the printed fabric surface of the two kinds of fiber interwoven fabrics, so that the fabrics have the functions of anti-infrared performance, good color fastness, high strength, air permeability, water repellency, etc., which meet the demand of military camouflage clothing and increase the added value of the products

Nylon Oxford multi-functional camouflage canvas is printed with dyestuff and paint together, and self-made adjusting auxiliaries are used to solve the problems of low color yield, poor color fastness and stability of anti-infrared performance of nylon products. The product has unique fabric style, excellent anti-infrared performance and color fastness, and is a kind of updated fabric with high added value

according to the introduction, the above products have been tested by the national military supplies product quality supervision and testing center and Shaanxi textile product quality supervision, inspection and testing center, and the technical indicators meet the standard quality requirements. The users have a good response and have a good market prospect

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