New regulations on labor protection articles for construction workers

in November 2007, the “1nterim Provisions on the use and management of personal labor protection articles for construction personnel” was issued. According to the provisions, personal labor protection articles refer to the safety helmets, safety belts, safety (insulating) shoes, protective glasses, protective gloves, protective gloves, etc Dust (poison) masks and other personal labor protection articles. All enterprises and individuals engaged in construction activities, the purchase, distribution, use and management of labor protection articles must comply with the provisions< According to the regulations, the distribution and management of labor protection articles should adhere to the principle of "who employs, who is responsible". Enterprises where construction workers work (including general contracting enterprises, professional contracting enterprises, labor service enterprises, etc., the same below) must issue labor protection articles free of charge according to the national regulations, and replace labor protection articles that have been damaged or have reached the service life, and shall not charge or charge any fees in disguised form. Labor protection articles must be issued in the form of physical objects and shall not be replaced by currency or other articles the safety helmets, safety belts and other labor protection articles purchased by enterprises and used by individuals must meet the requirements of safety helmets, safety belts and other national standards for labor protection articles. Enterprises and construction workers are not allowed to purchase and use labor protection articles without safety marks or not in accordance with relevant national standards. When purchasing labor protection articles, enterprises should check the production and operation qualifications of the manufacturers or suppliers of labor protection articles, and verify the commodity qualification certificate and commodity identification, so as to ensure that the quality of purchased labor protection articles meets the requirements of safe use. The regulation shall come into force on Novembe5, 2007 (China labor insurance website)

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