New standard for functional textiles

all kinds of “concept” textiles, such as antibacterial, waterproof, heat preservation, beauty and radiation protection, make consumers dazzled and hard to distinguish between true and false, and there is no standard to follow when they find that they are not worthy of the name, so there is no way to complain. On June 25, the National Conference on functional textiles standardization was held in Nanjing, which defined various standards of functional textiles that need to be revised urgently in recent two years, which will better promote the development of the textile industry and safeguard the rights and interests of consumers< According to Xie Ming, President of the Provincial Textile Association, 76 textile standards including anti-static, fireproof, anti mosquito, anti ultraviolet, heating underwear, antibacterial, nano, etc. and 87 high-tech standards including anti blood penetration, anti odor, fragrance, etc. will be included in the list of standards to be formulated. 1n the future, when consumers encounter the new term of "good and bad" again, they can go to the textile quality inspection institutes around the country to consult whether there are standards, so as to avoid the "double loss" of money and health

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