New standard for public safety uniform in USA

recently, American National Standards 1nstitute (ANS1) and international safety equipment Association (isea) jointly launched a new set of standards, the number of which is ANS1 / isea207-2006, which specifies the reflective vest for employees in the field of public safety from the aspects of design, specification and use, The purpose is to improve the visibility of vest to better protect the personal safety of staff

the reflective vest that meets the ANS1 / isea207-2006 standard mainly serves the public security departments such as police, fire, first aid and emergency. At the request of users, the Federal Highway Administration of the United States has carried out a detailed review of the ANS1 / isea207-2006 standard. The conclusion is that the vest manufactured according to the standard has excellent reflectance and excellent visibility at night

ANS1 / isea207-2006 high visibility reflective vest standard is different from ANS1 / isea107-2004 high visibility safety uniform and hat standard. The main difference is that under the 207-2006 standard, the product design is more flexible and the tactical protection ability is more powerful. 1n addition, the majority of uniform manufacturers also generally require the formulation of new standards different from 107-2004 standard, so as to better serve the public security department

in addition to the general provisions on the size, color and material performance of reflective vest, the new standard also makes special provisions for users of fire protection, law enforcement and emergency rescue

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