new thermal rubber boots have been successfully developed and put into the market

after many times of proofing and finalization, the new product developed by our company – low temperature resistant, anti smashing and anti piercing plate rubber boots (referred to as warm rubber boots) has won the first batch of orders and entered the mass production stage. The main function of this new product is to resist low temperature, prevent cold and keep warm. 1t can keep warm for 3 hours in the severe cold of minus 60 degrees. At the same time, it also has the function of anti smashing and anti piercing, which can effectively protect the operator’s feet from accidents, and can cope with all kinds of harsh working environment. 1n addition, the rubber boots are also made of acid and alkali resistant materials, so the product has good applicability. 1t can be widely used in all kinds of cold storage with acid and alkali resistance requirements and outdoor operation in alpine areas. 1t has a stable special customer base, and the price of the product is as high as several hundred yuan. 1t is a typical high value-added product

because it is a high-end product, customers have very strict requirements on the quality of the product, even to the point of being harsh. 1n order to achieve the function of keeping warm and cold, the structure design of the product is very complex. Only the boot body is composed of three-layer structure, and there are more than 30 kinds of parts. Any problem in the production process may lead to the final failure, At the same time, the consumption of raw materials of this product is also significantly higher than that of ordinary rubber boots. Every pair of sidelines will cause a lot of waste, which requires striving to achieve zero loss in production. Therefore, we must take it seriously and never operate according to the production mode of ordinary rubber boots

in order to ensure the smooth production of thermal rubber boots, the leaders of the supervision area, together with the comrades of relevant departments, held two production preparation meetings to discuss each quality node of the products, adopted corresponding methods and measures to deal with it, and fundamentally carried out quality control. On this basis, three trial production were carried out, five pairs of shoes were produced each time, in order to find out the problems and solve them, accumulate experience for the subsequent mass production, so that each operator knows what to do in his post, what kind of quality problems are easy to appear, and how to avoid and solve the problems

careful deployment and careful arrangement have yielded fruitful results. 1n the production process of a few days, no quality problems have occurred. All the products have reached the excellent grade and won the praise of customers. 1t is the first shot for developing the market of low temperature resistant anti smashing and anti piercing plate rubber boots (thermal rubber boots) and has laid a solid foundation for winning subsequent orders. We have reason to believe that with the development and production of a series of high-end products such as thermal rubber boots, we will occupy a broader market and inject strong power into our company’s take-off

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