new tooling creates new image

1n order to fully display the mental outlook of the staff of China Railway First Bureau and strive to improve the image of the construction enterprise, the Chengdu Tianfu Airport Expressway Project Department of the fourth company of China Railway First Bureau fully considered the actual work of the project, and combined with the enterprise color logo, customized new work clothes and tooling for the project staff

to protect the safety

the whole set of tooling is dark blue, reflecting the steady blue tooling and bright white helmet. 1n order to consider the construction safety, silver gray safety reflective strip is equipped on the back of coat and trousers. The uniform and brand-new tooling shows the connotation and temperament of Tieren’s professionalism without losing the sense of the times. The project staff who put on the new tooling are happy to praise that the new tooling is safe, convenient and dignified, which is very suitable for both office space and construction site

keep improving

the new tooling shows the United and upward beauty of the employees, the beauty of uniformity and vitality. This has also become a striking and beautiful scenery on the construction site of Tianfu airport expressway project

the employees said: “we are the” image spokesmen “of China Railway!”

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