New type of labor protection clothing enters Nanning railway station

“The new labor protection clothing has solved the problems that our shunting and Sheung Shui personnel’s labor protection clothing has no night reflection function, and it is inconvenient to carry wireless shunting radio station and flashlight, which affect labor safety. 1t is very humanized.” Recently, Gu Jianning, the head of the first shift of the operation workshop of Nanning railway station, put on new labor protection clothes and said happily

Nanning railway station has made more than 100 sets of new labor protection clothes for outdoor shunters and operators in Sheung Shui, taking full account of the site safety requirements and staff working habits. 1n the new labor protection clothing, reflective cloth is added to the front chest, back shoulder and middle seam of trousers, a special jacket is added to the left front chest for easy radio operation and good fastening, a special flute net bag is added to the upper part of the clothes, a flashlight bag and a water bottle bag are added to the lower part of the clothes, and an anti-collision plastic pad is added to the hat to enhance the safety guarantee of night operation, 1t improves the scientificity of man-machine coordination of shunting equipment

in order to strengthen the work safety, Nanning railway station has revised and improved the “labor safety management measures”, established and improved the labor safety rules and regulations, safety operation procedures, and implemented the system of monthly inspection of the station, ten day inspection of the workshop, and daily inspection of the team; Regularly hold labor safety meetings, analyze the labor safety situation, find out the tendentious and key problems, formulate advanced preventive measures, and determine the phased key work of labor safety; Organize and carry out daily labor safety education, and enhance employees’ safety awareness through flexible and diverse forms such as pre class anticipation, in class inspection, after class summary, or personal experience, case education, etc

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