New year’s address of China labor insurance network in 2021

We need to stick to the changing times

in the 12 months of 2020, we will try our best to keep fighting day and night. Adhering to the goal of being a linker and recorder of PPE industry, China labor insurance network has been stable and far-reaching in the chronology of time

the unknown tomorrow is infinite value-added and “land” with infinite possibilities, because it is full of hope. We, with the pace of measurement to the road, imagine a new “tomorrow.”

, a COV1D-19, has accelerated the process of changing rapidly. We recorded the valuable fragment of the labor insurance people seeking for breakthroughs in the difficult times and seeking for development in the face of adversity. Br / >
what we focus on is not just what we have done now, but what we continue to create value for our customers from their perspective

in the new year, we will combine the new era with the deep cultivation of learning camp, and spread immersion learning and factory training in a more innovative form. We will create an industry learning ecosystem, looking up and far away, because we firmly believe that life will be interesting only if it is broad enough. We sing as we walk

time seal has carved the brilliance of time-honored brands, and the new growth rings begin to depict the future of the industry. We are grateful for the communication platform built by the association, so that more young entrepreneurs can give us strength. The past is as colorful as it was yesterday

half of it is for yesterday and half for tomorrow. 1n the past 17 years, China labor insurance network has never forgotten its ambition of starting. 1t has been constantly expanding its new journey on the road of promoting national brands in the industry with industry vision, heart and persistence

we always have a kind of anxiety and pressure, hoping to break ourselves and rebuild ourselves. Some people often ask, what kind of enterprise do you want to be

ambitious, affectionate, love to learn, love to grow, know how to innovate, know how to be grateful. We want to do that

we pay attention to every wave in the PPE industry, as well as the fireworks around the workers. The beauty is precipitated in time, including the long journey of labor insurance editors, the moving moments presented by rich activities, and the joint efforts of you and me

the new year is just like this. Sometimes a little faith can go a long way

in living method, Mr. 1namori once wrote: eyes are used to look at the sky, and feet must be on the ground

2021, we are ready

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