New year’s home appliance safety becomes the culprit of residential fire

Recently, there are many fires, and residential fires account for 30% of the total. Among them, electric heating, electric vehicles, electric blankets and water dispensers and other household appliances are the main culprits, and Beijing fire service has issued a number of safety tips. At the beginning of the new year, Beijing Fire Department published the self-test questions of family fire. The reporter of Beijing Morning Post excerpted 10 of them. The public can check and correct the family fire according to the questions

case 1

the water dispenser was short circuited and “on fire”

at about 17:00 on December 26, 2013, a fire broke out in a household in dashungezhuang Town, Shunyi district. After the initial identification by the fire department, the fire was caused by the short circuit of the drinking water machine, and ignited the dressing table

fire tips: the public should first choose qualified water dispensers. 1n the process of using, turn off the switch when you are off work or leave home. 1n the case of no water, the power supply must be cut off in time. 1t is better to replace the bucket before the water is completely used up. Once you notice that the water dispenser has a burning smell, abnormal sound or water leakage, you should immediately turn off the switch for timely inspection and repair. 1n addition, it is necessary to pay special attention to that the water dispenser must use three core socket and leakage protector with ground wire and matching with the power plug< 1n cas2, a fire broke out near Xiji Town, Tongzhou District on the morning of December 15, 2013. According to the female householder, a large number of sundries were piled up in the house on fire, and there was a small heating equipment around the sundries. The investigation by firefighters found that the overheated heating equipment eventually ignited the sundries, causing the fire fire tips: when purchasing all kinds of heaters, you should see clearly the trademark, manufacturer and product certificate, so as to avoid purchasing “three no” products. When choosing the power of the electric heater, in addition to the size of the room, the focus is to see whether the meter is overloaded and whether the wires are aging when you buy an electric heater, it’s equally important to put it in a place far away from bed, curtain, sofa and other combustibles; 1f the house is too small to be separated, a non combustible partition board should be padded between the electric heater and combustible materials; When using, the electric heater should not contact with water and metal, and should be cut off when not in use< At 22:41 on December 29, 2013, the first storeroom of building 17-2, Xiyuan, Wancheng Huafu, Wanliu West Road, Haidian District suddenly emitted smoke. Firefighters on the scene found that the fire smoke is the warehouse is charging electric vehicle batteries fire tips: first of all, you should purchase and use qualified electric vehicles, chargers and batteries, and do not illegally refit electric vehicles and their accessories. When charging the electric vehicle, it should be parked in a safe place. 1t should not be parked in the stairwell, evacuation passage, emergency exit, or occupy the fire engine passage; Charging should be carried out according to the operation manual. Charging should be carried out outdoors as far as possible, and there should be no combustible around. We should also pay attention to the power supply matching, set up special sockets, fixed laying of lines and metal tube protection, installation of leakage protection and other safety device protection measures, and equipped with fire-fighting equipment in the charging place Case 4: the hidden danger of small electric blanket is great on Novembe5, 2013, a fire broke out in No. 29 residential yard of beibing Masi Hutong, Dongcheng District. The cause of the fire was initially identified as the owner forgetting to turn off the electric blanket fire tips: when purchasing electric blanket, you should first check whether you have quality inspection report, production license, product certificate and 1SO9000 certification when using the electric blanket, the electric blanket should be laid flat, and there should be no gathering and folding phenomenon, so as to avoid heat concentration and high temperature rise; The power on time of electric blanket should not be too long. The temperature of most electric blankets will rise to about 38 ℃ after 30 minutes of power on. Therefore, the temperature regulating switch should be set to low temperature or the power should be turned off in time the best way to use it is to heat it before going to bed and cut off the power when going to bed. 1f it is found that the electric blanket is not hot due to long-term use, it should be stopped immediately; Pay attention to the safe service life, no matter what brand of electric blanket, its service life is only 6 years news link three principles of fire escape recently, there have been many residential fires, and even many casualties. The dead are gone. People should learn how to escape when they are sad to avoid the tragedy. How do you escape from a fire? Beijing Fire Bureau reminds: 1. According to the “life first” principle, in case of an emergency, you must escape from the scene as soon as possible to ensure the safety of life, especially don’t be greedy for any property

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