New York State will resume the tax exemption policy of consumption tax on shoes and clothing

the New York State will soon resume the tax exemption policy of consumption tax on clothing and shoes, but for the clothing and shoes that meet the tax exemption conditions, the New York State will reduce their price range to half of the previous tax exemption rules

the sales tax exemption will be restored from April 1, 2011. 1f the price of clothing and shoes sold after April 1 is less than US $55, the 4% sales tax will not be paid

items used to prepare or repair clothing or shoes are also eligible for sales tax exemption

according to the previous exemption, only clothing and shoes sold at a cost of less than $110 are exempt from tax. However, in order to offset the budget deficit of New York State, legislators stopped the sales tax exemption from October 1 last year

in addition to the 4% sales tax, the state of New York has stopped imposing a special sales tax of 0.375% on clothing and shoes sold in Nassau, orange, Suffolk, long island, Dutchess, Putnam and Westchester counties in the northern suburbs of New York City

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