New Zealand AgResearch develops sweat absorbing fabrics for martial arts practitioners

AgResearch of New Zealand has developed sweat absorbing uniform fabric for martial arts practitioners

the wool garment newly developed by AgResearch of New Zealand has now been used for martial arts practitioners’ uniforms

at this time of the year, wool is usually chosen because of its cold resistance, but gimono developers add a new quality to wool fabrics, rather than for martial arts practitioners. Therefore, this kind of clothing can make martial arts trainers easily stay in the training ground for a long time

for many years, the G1 clothes that martial artists wear when practicing martial arts are the combination of jacket and pants, which can not only resist, but also move freely. G1 clothing is usually made of heavy woven cotton, because it is a tradition, but there are some shortcomings< According to Nigel staples of proactive martial arts art, these cotton clothes have a tendency to retain body odor, so if a person really starts to work hard and sweat a lot, the cotton clothes will retain sweat, especially under the armpit. However, if a person sweats excessively, then over time, the cotton clothing may start to rot now, however, Dunedin is using a new Merino fabric to make uniforms that are more durable and comfortable. ‘it’s lighter, super strong and more comfortable to wear, so it makes martial arts trainers more flexible,’ said Lavinia Calvert, chairman of gimono this wool fabric is a new product developed by Ag research. 1t has the strength of synthetic fiber and is a fashionable woven fabric. 1t can absorb the sweat of fighters. According to surender Tandon of Ag research, this fabric has very good dispersion characteristics because it is very absorbent and therefore has better air permeability Cao Haihong

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