New Zealand Fashion tycoon crossover design haze mask

New Zealand’s top fashion designer Karen Walker released a series of high-tech anti haze masks in Auckland on the 19th, which is the first time that the designer has collided fashion with environmental protection and technology

Paul goldsmith, Minister of New Zealand’s science and innovation department, said at the press conference that Anfa international, the company that developed this product, was founded by Chinese immigrants living in New Zealand. Based on its understanding of the Chinese market and its emphasis on the added value of products, Anfa international, together with well-known New Zealand designers, took the risk of developing new products, This combination itself represents New Zealand’s long-standing spirit of innovation and business tradition: integrating different cultures, valuing different markets and creating greater value

according to the introduction, this mask named MEO adopts the design of replaceable filter element, and its filter element is made of sheep wool from Wanaka mountain area, South 1sland of New Zealand, which can effectively filter PM2.5 particles and effectively block formaldehyde and other harmful gases. 1n addition, this product also has good air permeability, and adopts a unique industrial design of bracket and bandage

walker is good at designing sunglasses, and the product design is bold and exaggerated. She said in an interview: “the combination of function and fashion, technology and fashion has increasingly become the trend of the world, and is also one of the focuses of my design work. Choosing (designing) masks is a very personal behavior. Combined with 15 years of experience in the field of sunglasses design, 1 want to bring people more energy and fun. “

Zhang Fan, commercial counselor of the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand, who was invited to attend the press conference, said that New Zealand used to be a big exporter of wool. Due to the continuous development of the textile industry and the continuous decline of wool consumption, New Zealand’s sheep farmers will benefit first with this new product. He also said that this product shows the trend of diversified economic and trade cooperation between the two countries and will inject fresh vitality into bilateral economic and trade exchanges

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