News story: love for labor protection shoes

“Before, 1 always thought a pair of labor protection shoes was nothing. Today, the heavy and safe feeling of shoes on my feet suddenly makes me feel that this pair of labor protection shoes is full of strong affection. ” On March 19, employees of Yumen oilfield operation company said so in their feedback to the labor insurance factory of comprehensive service department

“this spring, the oil field started production early, and the workload of front-line staff has increased. 1t is necessary to let front-line staff put on new labor protection shoes as soon as possible. First of all, we should drive out the labor protective equipment of the oilfield operation companies and the four operation areas. ” The employees of the first-line units are busy with crude oil production, while the employees of the labor insurance plant are busy with the first-line employees. 1n the spring of March, the labor insurance factory began production

the shoe-making workshop is a special team in the labor insurance factory, where 80% of the employees are disabled to varying degrees. Over the years, they have never delayed their work and delivered a pair of high-quality labor protection shoes to each employee in time

it takes more than 40 processes from proofing to production to produce a pair of heavy and clumsy suede shoes, which can only be produced by more than ten hands” We produce 40 pairs of finished labor protection shoes a day. 1t seems that the quantity is small, but the labor protection shoes are all hand-made. 1n fact, the work is very difficult and intensive. “

the production of labor protection shoes is difficult and the cycle is long, so the employees in the shoe-making workshop dare not neglect them. As the front-line employees have more and more requirements for the quality and style of labor protection shoes, the employees in the shoemaking workshop are constantly improving themselves. From design to sewing, every step is permeated with their sweat and wisdom

Wang Jinming is the monitor of the shoemaking workshop and has been working for 30 years. He knows every process of shoemaking like the back of his hand. Now, he is responsible for the first process of shoe-making – cutting, which is to draw the details of each part of the vamp on the 5mm thick suede leather, so as to maximize the utilization of each piece of leather and minimize the waste. He had to stand and work for eight hours a day, but he never thought about giving up” There have been confusions and vacillations, but when you think of the value of your work, you feel that you can’t give up easily. “

the most useless part of shoemaking is shaping” As soon as you look at your hands, you will know who is the sole maker, because if you go on the line beside the sole, you will be pulled by a nail if you are not careful. ” Zhang Yan, director of the labor insurance factory, said, “for the safety of front-line employees, we think it’s worth it!”

Yes, every pair of labor protection shoes produced by the labor protection factory provides more security and warmth for the front-line employees

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