nine cases of safety accidents in production and business units will be blacklisted

Recently, many departments of our city jointly issued the 1nterim Measures for the administration of the “blacklist” of production and business operation units in Jiangmen City. 1f the production and business operation unit conceals or makes a false report after several safety accidents, it will be included in the “blacklist”

according to the measures, nine situations will be included in the “blacklist”, including those with more than major production safety accidents; More than two general production safety accidents occurred in a year; Occupational hazard events occurred in the same production and business unit in a short period (within 30 natural days) involving more than 10 suspected occupational diseases and less than 30 patients with occupational diseases, or more than 3 and less than 5 deaths, or mass occupational hazard events causing certain social impact (excluding acute industrial poisoning); There are major potential accidents or the intensity or concentration of occupational hazards in the operation post seriously exceeds the standard, and the supervision department points out or orders the rectification within a time limit, and fails to rectify or rectify within the time limit; Refusing or hindering the regulatory authorities at all levels to perform their duties of supervision and inspection in accordance with the law, or having violent behaviors against the law and being punished, or refusing to implement the administrative law enforcement instructions or administrative punishment decisions within the time limit; Concealing or falsely reporting production safety accidents, deliberately destroying the scene of accidents, destroying relevant evidence, or delaying or failing to report accidents twice or more in a year; When a production safety accident occurs, the main person in charge of the production and business operation unit does not immediately organize rescue or leaves his post without permission or escapes during the investigation and handling of the accident, which has been verified; 1llegal production and operation activities are punished by the regulatory authorities for more than three times in a year; 1n accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the regulatory authorities consider that there are other situations where it is necessary for the production and business operation entities to be included in the “blacklist”

the regulatory authorities take the production and business operation units which are included in the “blacklist” management as the key supervision objects, and implement the administrative punishment, disciplinary restraint and supervision according to the law within the scope of their respective responsibilities

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