Nine elements of personal protection management

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a kind of special labor protection equipment to protect employees’ health and avoid occupational hazards. When the concentration of harmful substances in the workplace can not be reduced below the maximum allowable concentration or the hazard factors can not be completely eliminated, employees must use appropriate PPE

in enterprises with serious occupational hazards such as mining, chemical industry and construction, personal protective equipment plays an important role. According to incomplete statistics, 15% of all kinds of casualty accidents are related to personal protective equipment. However, there are some problems in the management of personal protective equipment, which can not be ignored: some enterprises with serious hazards are not equipped with protective equipment according to the requirements; some even if they are equipped with protective equipment, they can not be used normally due to improper maintenance or untimely update, and can not play their due protective effect; Or the operator does not understand its usage, applicable environment, conditions, maintenance methods and use process, and does not use or cannot correctly use protective equipment

China’s production safety law, occupational disease prevention and control law and other laws and regulations stipulate the provision and use of personal protective equipment, requiring production and business units to provide employees with personal protective equipment, which must meet the safety requirements, and supervise and educate employees to wear and use in accordance with the use rules

the production and business unit is the main body of responsibility for occupational safety and health management, and the executor of relevant laws and regulations. 1t should effectively implement the management of personal protective equipment. Under the framework of existing relevant laws, regulations and standards, the management of personal protective equipment of production and business units should include the following nine aspects

establish a management department to implement the relevant responsibilities

the safety and occupational health management department should be responsible for the main management functions of personal protective equipment in the production and business units. At the same time, the work also involves the quality, materials, finance, trade union and other relevant departments. The production and business operation units shall divide the distribution scope audit and use supervision of labor protection articles, procurement plan, selection and qualification examination of labor protection articles manufacturers, incoming acceptance of labor protection articles, storage and distribution of labor protection articles into relevant departments, and assign the responsibility to each person

formulate the management system of personal protective equipment

the management system of personal protective equipment of production and business operation units can include the following contents: management department and personnel of personal protective equipment, types of work requiring personal protective equipment, types and weeks of distribution of personal protective equipment, training and maintenance methods for employees using personal protective equipment, etc. The management system of personal protective equipment can be signed and implemented by the top management of the enterprise in the form of enterprise standard or as a system of the enterprise< 1dentification of hazard factors in workplaces before selecting personal protective equipment, it is necessary to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis on the main hazards in workplaces, understand the nature of hazards, the intensity of hazard factors, and determine the acceptable level of hazard factors, so as to determine the performance and requirements of personal protective equipment< The rules for selection of labor protection articles (GB 11651-1989) specifies the types of personal protection articles that production and business units need to equip according to the nature of the operation The standard for the allocation of labor protection articles (for Trial 1mplementation) specifies the labor protection articles for 116 typical types of work. GB / t18664-2002 "selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment" recommends the method of selecting respiratory protective equipment according to the harmful environment, operation conditions and the head and face characteristics of operators, and provides guidance for the use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment based on the identification of occupational hazard factors and hazards in the workplace, the production and business operation units shall select personal protective equipment according to the above standards and determine the types of personal protective equipment required for different types of operation according to the hazard situation and degree of the workplace. For respiratory protective equipment, the type of protective equipment can be selected according to GB / t18664-2002 “selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment” select the manufacturer of labor protection articles after determining the types of personal protection articles to be equipped, it is necessary to further select the manufacturer or brand of labor protection articles in order to ensure the quality of labor protection articles, China implements three license systems for special labor protection articles, namely production license, safety appraisal certificate and product qualification certificate. 1n addition to the production license, the enterprise producing special labor protection articles shall conduct self inspection on the products according to the standards on which the products are based and issue the product certificate. Before the special labor protection articles leave the factory, they should accept the sampling inspection of the local labor protection articles quality supervision and inspection organization, and the inspection organization should distribute the “safety identification certificate” in batches< At present, there are 19 kinds of special labor protection articles with production license system in China, such as filter gas mask, filter gas tank, welding mask, goggles, anti-static conductive safety shoes, dust mask, flame retardant protective clothing, acid proof clothing, anti electrostatic clothing, acid and alkali resistant shoes, etc. Pay attention to choose protective articles produced by manufacturers with complete 3 certificates when purchasing train employees to use protective equipment correctly users must understand the use restrictions, correct use methods, correct wearing methods and necessary maintenance methods of personal protective equipment. Before using respiratory protective equipment, it is necessary to carefully check whether the connecting parts are damaged, check the air tightness, and the suitability and comfort with the wearer for workplaces with serious hazards, personal protective equipment may be contaminated with harmful substances in the process of on-site use. 1f it is not worn properly, it may bring new pollution and cause harm to personnel health. Therefore, it is necessary to specify the wearing order for places with particulate pathogenic factors (toxic and harmful dust, smoke, fog, radioactive dust, pathogenic microorganisms, etc.), the order of wearing and taking off protective equipment is as follows wearing order: first check the air tightness of respiratory protective equipment, wear respiratory protective equipment, then wear hat or headgear, eye mask, protective clothing, protective shoes (shoe cover), and finally wear protective gloves removal sequence: first remove the eye mask, put it into the disinfectant, then remove the gloves (the outer surface of the gloves can not be touched by hands during removal), protective clothing, hat, shoes (or shoe cover), and finally remove the respiratory protective equipment supervision on the use of personal protective equipment for employees in order to ensure the correct use of personal protective equipment in the process of operation, it is necessary to supervise the use of personal protective equipment. 1n some enterprises with serious hazard factors, the supervision of the use of protective equipment is handed over to the person in charge of the production team, and the use of personal protective equipment is regarded as an assessment index of safety production, which is linked with the income of the operators, and has received good results the maintenance of personal protective equipment the cleaning, inspection and maintenance of personal protective equipment should be organized frequently, so that the protective equipment can be used safely and effectively scrapping and replacement of personal protective equipment the service life of personal protective equipment should consider the degree of corrosion, wear and tear and durability. Personal protective equipment shall be scrapped under the following circumstances it does not conform to the national standard, industry standard or local standard it is damaged or beyond the effective use period during the use or storage period, and fails to reach the original minimum index of effective protection function after inspection only when the production and business units seriously manage the personal protective equipment in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations and relevant standards, can they really protect the safety and health of employees copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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