ninety nine percent of the dust is filtered out by the “Mask” installed in the filter bin

On Januar5, the revamped copper smelting furnace of Mianyang Tongxin Copper Co., Ltd. was put into operation” Environmental protection is also the competitiveness of enterprises. ” The person in charge of the company said frankly that during the period when the Fifth Central environmental protection supervision group was stationed in our province last year to carry out environmental protection supervision, the investigation group found some problems that need to be rectified. “1n the face of problems, the company increased the construction of environmental protection facilities, and these environmental protection investments also brought business opportunities to enterprises.”

Tongxin copper is mainly engaged in the processing and deep processing of recycled copper. 1n the metallurgical industry, how to deal with the flue gas containing dust and sulfur dioxide produced in the smelting process has become a difficult problem. On the day of receiving the report on August 14 last year, Mianyang environmental monitoring center station carried out on-site monitoring of the waste gas emitted from the melting furnace of the enterprise. According to the measurement, the emission concentration of smoke and dust was far lower than the national emission limit of air pollutants for industrial furnaces

although the emission of the enterprise is up to the standard, the investigation team still put forward rectification opinions on the problems such as the dust collection operation area of the plant has not taken anti diffusion, anti loss and anti leakage measures, and the oxidation-reduction material charcoal has not taken effective measures to collect and treat the unorganized emission waste gas when it enters the furnace. 1n view of these problems, the enterprise carries on the rectification immediately

under the dust removal system of the plant, the enterprise has built a special dust loss prevention fence. Just above the fence is the cyclone dust removal system. After the large particles are filtered out, the waste gas enters into four filter bins in turn” There are more than 1400 cloth bags in our filter bin, which can filter 99.9% of the dust. ” Ding jiakui, manager of the safety and environmental protection department of Tongxin copper, said that the more than 1400 cloth bags are equivalent to more than 1400 “masks”

under normal production conditions, the cloth bag can be used for 9 months, and a cloth bag is about more than 100 yuan, “this expenditure is completely affordable.”

“in the past, we used charcoal to redox copper.” Ding jiakui said that when putting charcoal into the furnace, it is easy to cause “leakage” of waste gas

before, the company also thought about using natural gas for copper oxidation and reduction, but it gave up because it was difficult to control the reduction temperature

after the investigation group pointed out that no effective measures were taken to collect and treat the unorganized exhaust gas when the charcoal entered the furnace, the enterprise organized technical personnel to tackle key technical problems and successfully mastered the fire conditions of natural gas reduction. At present, the enterprise is applying for a patent for this technology

the reporter saw in front of the continuous casting and rolling facilities that workers use natural gas pipes to add gas into the furnace to increase temperature, and all the process flows are carried out in a closed space, which fundamentally solves the problem of unorganized emission of waste gas

during the operation of continuous casting and rolling facilities, the molten copper needs to be cooled by emulsion, which is easy to produce organic waste gas at high temperature. 1n order to collect this kind of waste gas, the enterprise covers the equipment with thick canvas, and the organic waste gas is sucked into the exhaust pipe with a diameter of 1m through the gas collecting hood, and then connected to the waste gas treatment device for treatment after alkali washing, activated carbon adsorption and other processes

before the waste gas treatment unit, two sets of dust removal equipment have been installed in place” The total cost is more than 8 million yuan, which is worth the money. ” The person in charge of the company said that due to the closure of a number of “small scattered” copper smelting enterprises, the domestic copper price began to rise, “now every ton of copper has increased by more than 10000 yuan compared with last year, and the money invested in environmental protection facilities has already been earned back.”

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