Ningguo Municipal Bureau of culture, tourism, radio, film and television strengthens safety inspection

Ningguo Municipal Bureau of culture, tourism, radio, film, film and television took the lead in the inspection of safety production in the city’s A-level scenic spots on January 16

the joint inspection team of work safety is composed of cultural and tourism, transportation, public security (fire protection), religion and other units, and goes to Ningguo A-level scenic spots (spots) for inspection. 1t focuses on the infrastructure and road traffic safety of the scenic spot, the fire prevention and anti-theft of key parts, the safety of amusement facilities, and the safety of water traffic operation. At the same time, we urge the scenic spots to strengthen the flow of people and vehicles, reasonably control the capacity of tourists and vehicles, and prevent the occurrence of crowding and stampede; Ensure the evacuation passageway and safety exit are unblocked, fire facilities can operate normally, improve the fire safety organization system, and supervise whether the employees receive fire safety education and training, whether the personnel on duty in the fire control room work with certificates, and whether the fire emergency evacuation plan and drill are effective; Every time the inspection team went to each place, they insisted on checking carefully to ensure that there was no missing item or missing item, and carried out a comprehensive and detailed inspection one by one for different inspection items

through inspection, it is found that most enterprises can strictly implement the main responsibility of enterprises, pay close attention to safety management, have sound organization, rules and regulations, and can carry out regular safety inspection. However, there are still some management loopholes that can not be ignored in some enterprises. The inspection team found that the supervision of outsourcing projects in some scenic spots is not strict and the account is not perfect; There is no obvious safety warning sign around the project with certain potential danger. 1n view of the problems existing in the inspection, the inspection team discussed and exchanged with the person in charge of the enterprise, and put forward practical rectification opinions in written form. The person in charge of each enterprise also stated that they would strengthen supervision before the festival to ensure that the rectification is in place, completely eliminate the potential safety hazards, further promote the safety production of Ningguo tourism, and ensure the safety and stability of Ningguo tourism market during the two festivals

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