No.3 oil production plant of Tahe Oilfield attaches importance to work safety

“Xiao Yan, your helmet?” On March 12, Xiao Yan, a well inspector of the second oil production team of the third oil production plant, who just got off the well inspection truck and didn’t walk out a few steps, heard the teacher’s warning, turned around and put on his safety helmet. He went to the well site with Master Wang for equipment maintenance and hidden trouble investigation

to say the same, just as they were concentrating on their work, they heard a “bang”, and Xiao Yan accidentally hit the safety helmet on his head against the valve handwheel of the Christmas tree when he straightened his waist. Master Wang anxiously asked Xiao Yan if there was anything wrong. Xiao Yan said to his master, “master, if you don’t remind me today, it’s troublesome. 1f you don’t wear a helmet, you’ll break your head. 1t’s really a small move that brings great safety.”

“you can’t enter without a work card.” Recently, the author came to s106-1 well for an interview, and was stopped outside the door by the staff of the well. The staff on duty came to the gate and said in a loud voice: “please wear your labor protection articles, please standardize your dress, please turn off or put your mobile phone on the car.” The author has carried on the inspection according to the entrance requirements. When preparing to enter the station, the staff said, “1’m sorry, you don’t have a work card. You can’t enter the station.”” 1 just want to interview the technical transformation projects in our well. Besides, we are all from our own family. ” “1’m sorry, it’s the rule of the station, especially in the period of maintaining stability. You can’t enter without a work card,” the staff on duty said 1n this way, the author was rejected

in order to ensure safety in production, it is necessary to follow the rules and regulations, and the staff of this well have done it

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