No climbing without protection when working at height

[case analysis] trouble caused by saving trouble

accident process:

at about 4 a.m. one day, after the iron mouth of a blast furnace in front of a factory was blocked, because the iron mouth splashed seriously and the iron groove slag accumulated seriously, it needed to be lifted by the crown block. At this time, the steel wire rope of the big hook of the crown block could not be used, so it could only be lifted by the small hook, At that time, the iron chain on the hook was about 2 meters high from the ground. 1n order to pick up the iron chain, it was necessary to lift it up. At this time, the forklift could not be used and only the excavator could be used. After discussion, the party an, the team leader Sun and the team leader yuan let Sun drive the excavator (the excavator driver on duty), and an was responsible for the hook removal operation. Without taking any protective measures, an climbed up the forearm of the excavator. During the lifting process of sun operating the excavator, an slipped, and his right heel touched the ground (the weight-bearing part) was injured, He was sent to the hospital for treatment

accident cause analysis:


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