No helmet, head directly on the ground, a decorator fell from a building, his life in danger

at about 2 p.m. yesterday, a worker fell from a four story building under renovation construction in Jiangning women’s street, Nanjing. According to witnesses, the worker fell from the building without a helmet and landed directly on his head, seriously injured. According to the person in charge of the construction site, the worker is responsible for interior decoration, and the external wall of the building has been shut down for a long time. 1 don’t know why he climbed to the external wall. At present, the local public security organs have been involved in the investigation

at about 2 p.m. yesterday, the reporter came to Jiangning women’s street and saw a large number of police forces surrounded in front of a building under construction. There was a pool of blood on the ground of the first floor. According to eyewitness Mr. Ye, when he and his wife passed by less than 2 o’clock, a middle-aged man was climbing down the scaffold on the outer wall of the building. Mr. Ye said that he noticed that the workers did not wear helmets or gloves, so he thought it was very dangerous at that time. Sure enough, at this time, he heard a strange sound of “bang”. He saw that the worker had fallen into a pool of blood with his head on the ground

Mr. Ye said that when an ambulance happened to pass by the scene, he stopped the car with other eyewitnesses and took the workers to the hospital. The reporter then rushed to Jiangning District People’s Hospital and learned from the doctor that the worker was seriously injured and had been sent to 1CU for rescue. At 6 o’clock last night, the reporter learned that the worker was not out of danger and was planning to be transferred to a large hospital in Nanjing city for surgery

during the interview, the reporter found that the building being renovated is a shop in women’s street. Some protective nets on the external wall have been damaged, and there are no construction billboards and warning signs on the construction site. The downstairs is a busy street, where people come and cars go, but the building is under construction, which is very dangerous. According to the surrounding residents, the property right of the shop belongs to Nanjing Futeng real estate development company

the reporter then came to Futeng company to learn about the situation. A man surnamed Cheng, who claimed to be the person in charge of the construction site, told the reporter that there was no problem with the construction procedures of the renovated shop. The company signed a contract with Nanjing Fangkun decoration company, and the workers who fell from the building were the workers of Fangkun company. Cheng said they were also puzzled when the workers fell from the building. Because the construction of the external wall of the building has been suspended for a long time, there is neither construction task nor construction space, and this worker is responsible for the interior decoration. No one knows why he climbed to the external wall without wearing a safety helmet. (Jiao Zhe)

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