no less safety helmet and safety belt are required for suspended operation

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at about 5:20 pm yesterday, an accident occurred in a shop being renovated in the east of runyayuan community. A man who is engaged in decoration, standing on the suspended baffle, fell off the baffle and fell from a height of about 6 meters in the process of gluing. Fortunately, a car just stopped under the man, and part of his body was blocked by the car before falling to the ground, saving his life. Subsequently, the injured man was sent to the hospital for examination and treatment. At present, the specific cause of the man’s fall remains to be investigated



a man fell from a height and was seriously injured

he was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment

at 5:20 PM yesterday, a citizen called our hotline and said that there were several people in front of a shop being renovated in the east of runyayuan community, one of whom was anxiously calling the police. As he approached, he found a man lying on the ground with blood flowing from under his body. People at the scene said that it fell from the top. According to the public, there is an iron frame made of steel pipes on the side, which should be used as a ladder. 1 don’t know if it fell from it. 1t seems that the injured fell heavily

when the reporter arrived at the scene of the accident, an ambulance just arrived at the scene. The reporter noticed that on the ground to the south of the iron shelf, there was a man lying on the ground with painful expression. Although he could not speak, his body was still moving. The man held his head in his hands, and there was a lot of blood flowing from the ground

soon, the first-aid personnel came forward to carry the man on the first-aid stretcher, sent him to the ambulance, and rushed to the nearby hospital for examination and treatment. Meanwhile, another middle-aged man followed the ambulance to the hospital. A person familiar with the matter nearby told reporters that the man he followed was from a decoration company with the man who fell down

on the spot


the baffle at the foot suddenly fell from 6 meters

the car stopped to “save” his life

after the injured person was sent to the hospital, the on-site personnel were still in shock

“it was so scary. 1 heard a noise at that time. When 1 looked out, 1 found that a baffle had fallen off. 1 didn’t take it seriously at first. Who knows, after a while, 1 found that there was a man on the edge of the baffle A worker at the scene told reporters. The injured man and the man who accompanied him to the hospital were in charge of advertising decoration. The project was almost over. Unexpectedly, such a thing happened. Their boss was still out of town

the reporter noticed that there are several deformed orange iron strips on the ground, most of which have been deformed. Above it is a raised cube made of the same color board, which is pasted with the words “one stop direct supply platform for home building materials”. 1n the “one-stop” three words below, there are three holes, there is no baffle block. According to the site staff, when the accident happened, the man who fell was working there. 1t was estimated that he stepped empty during the construction process. As a result, the baffle fell down and the man also fell down

“he’s very lucky. 1f it wasn’t for this car, his life would be lost.” A middle-aged man said that when the man fell, he first fell on the front of the car directly below and then fell to the ground. Otherwise, the height is at least 6 meters, so it’s very difficult to fall directly



pay attention to the safety measures of suspended operation

it’s very dangerous not to wear safety helmet on the construction site

the reporter saw that the man’s head was obviously injured at the scene of the accident, but there was no safety helmet around the man, and the reporter also didn’t see several other workers on the site wearing safety helmet. The reporter asked them how they didn’t have relevant safety measures for hanging operations, such as tying safety ropes and wearing safety helmets. Several workers at the scene said that they didn’t work together

a boss surnamed Li, who has been engaged in the decoration industry for many years, told the reporter that many workers think that wearing safety helmets is just a security check, and that as long as they are careful, no accident will happen. 1n fact, it’s very dangerous not to wear safety helmet on the construction site. The smooth surface of the engineering plastic helmet and a raised top bar on the top of the helmet are specially designed to reduce the impact of falling objects. The mesh hoop with a buckle attached to the inside of the helmet is a key part of the helmet. 1t can delay and reduce the pressure transmitted to the head and neck. More importantly, it can absorb most of the energy brought by the impact, so as to play a protective role. 1f you fasten the safety rope, once you fall, you will not fall. To this end, remind the majority of construction workers, in the operation should be strictly in accordance with the safety standards for some safety precautions

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